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01/17/2018 09:44:36 - (David)
Yale unveils new financial aid calculator
01/17/2018 09:46:37 - (David)

Yale has now joined a growing list of schools using MyinTuition, an online calculator that significantly simplifies the financial aid estimation for most website visitors. It was originally created by Wellesley in 2013 and is really starting to catch on.

01/11/2018 21:46:32 - (David)
UVA received record number of applicants
01/11/2018 21:47:47 - (David)

University of Virginia reported a record 37,188 applications were received this year. The average SAT score climbed 46 points as well.

01/08/2018 16:20:50 - (David)
NY's Excelsior Scholarship program off to great start
01/08/2018 16:21:34 - (David)

The early results are in and the City University of New York (CUNY) system is reporting record applicants already. So far the system has seen an increase of 11.1 percent resulting in 50,546 students. These new students appear to be taking full loads (15 or more semester hours) and there has been a 10 percent increase in students taking more than 15 semester hours.

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01/04/2018 09:32:43 - (David)
When to use the common application
01/04/2018 09:45:37 - (David)

Some colleges and universities offer the option of using the college common application or the school’s specific application. Officially, schools do not have a preference for their own form and essays over the common application. Colleges must in fact sign a pledge promising not to give preference to the applicants who complete the school-specific application.

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12/22/2017 22:57:00 - (David)
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12/22/2017 22:57:07 - (David)

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