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03/15/2018 23:25:37 - (David)
Cooper Union to return to full tuition scholarships!
03/15/2018 23:26:41 - (David)

In 2014, Cooper Union started charging tuition for the first time since its founding in 1859. It was huge news and obviously didn’t go over well with Cooper alumni. Now, in a major reversal, the school has announced that it will gradually phase in full scholarships for all undergraduate students by 2028.

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03/12/2018 10:40:00 - (David)
Georgia Tech reports record number of applicants
03/12/2018 10:42:41 - (David)

My AJC reports Georgia Tech received a record number of applicants this year. The exact number of applications wasn't reported (so we haven't yet updated the school's profile page in our top public universities section, but it was a 13% increase and we certainly wish all of this year's applicants all the best of luck!

03/09/2018 21:01:15 - (David)
How important are AP classes?
03/09/2018 21:02:04 - (David)

For some people, Advanced Placement credits seem to have become a kind of currency in college admissions. The thinking seems to be that it takes so many AP credits to win serious consideration at competitive colleges and universities.

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03/01/2018 22:15:05 - (David)
So what's the next step?
03/01/2018 22:15:12 - (David)

Our timeline page has been updated for March and April activities.

Please feel free to check it out. We always appreciate your valuable feedback.

02/24/2018 10:45:59 - (David)
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02/24/2018 10:46:12 - (David)

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