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12/13/2017 09:30:29 - (David)
Harvard admitted 14.5% of EA applicants
12/13/2017 09:31:55 - (David)

Harvard University admitted 964 out of 6,630 (14.5%) of its Class of 2022 EA applicants. African-American admits increased to 13.9% of the admits from 12.6% the previous year. On the heels of the recent litigation, Asian-American admits increased to 24.2% from 21.7%. Hispanic and Native American admits increased to 9.8% from 8.8% and to 1.8% from 1.1%, respectively.

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12/07/2017 19:33:24 - (David)
Johns Hopkins and University of Michigan ranked top two for research spending
12/07/2017 19:34:23 - (David)

The University of Michigan spent $1.48 billion on research in the 2017 fiscal year and ranked first in the category among all public universities and second overall. (Only Johns Hopkins University boasted more overall research spending this past year.)

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12/04/2017 17:21:17 - (David)
BYU admissions standards allegedly leaked
12/04/2017 17:22:07 - (David)

We found an article on the Salt Lake Tribune that explains how a website called Mormon Leaks leaked a document that allegedly shows how Brigham Young University makes its admissions decisions. (Please click on the link above for the full story.) If the document is true, then BYU gives some preference to applicants who are male, from the East Coast and first-generation college students.

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11/27/2017 10:02:34 - (David)
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11/27/2017 10:02:39 - (David)

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    11/14/2017 14:16:36 - (David)
    Harvard Partners with Service to School
    11/14/2017 14:17:30 - (David)

    Harvard has joined the Service to School program, also known as Vetlink. Vetlink allows veterans “an enhanced opportunity to showcase their military service” to partner schools. Harvard joins several other top colleges that are also partners to Vetlink including Amherst, MIT, Notre Dame, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, Williams and Yale.

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