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September 4, 2008

Turnover at Pennís Undergrad Admissions Department

An article in today's Daily Pennsylvanian discusses the recent turnover in the undergraduate admissions department at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to hiring a new dean, the university has replaced eight of their 22 admissions officers. New Dean of Admissions Eric Furda stated that many of the officers left to pursue graduate studies.

Former Dean of Admissions, Lee Stetson, resigned in August of 2007 after serving nearly 30 years. Eric Furda assumed the position as dean this past July.

Jim Fowler, senior college consultant at AdmissionsConsultants, Inc., said in the article that the instances of turnovers up to 50 percent of the staff are "more common than you would expect."

Fowler stated in the article that the turnover in the admissions officers will not negatively impact the admissions process. "The new people who are coming in are going to be professionals, and so the office will move forward without skipping a beat."

To view the full article, click here.

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