We strongly advise all prospective college applicants to purchase at least 2 books on the SAT.

One should be the official guide from the College Board, the test’s administrator. There is a significant difference between the official questions you will be asked on the exam and the practice questions contained in all other books. You need a College Board publication to familiarize yourself with the quality of questions you will actually face on the SAT.

Secondly, we recommend buying and studying at least one of the “unofficial” guides reviewed below. There is indeed a way to study for this test that will materially improve your score. The better unofficial guides contain many time-proven test-taking strategies that serve that purpose, as well as excellent explanations of the logic behind the correct answers to the practice problems. You will greatly increase your chances of receiving a higher test score if you go to the test armed with SAT test-taking strategies and knowledge of actual questions from previous exams.

For quick reference, here are links to related books we have reviewed:

official sat guide

Official SAT Study Guide (2018 Edition) by College Board

We strongly advise all prospective college applicants to purchase this book. This is, by far, the most informative book available on the SAT test. The book includes the 8 official practice tests available on the College Board’s website along with 250 pages of additional instruction, guidance and test information.

Barron's New SAT, 29th Edition: with Bonus Online Tests

Barron’s New SAT, 29th Edition: with Bonus Online Tests by Ira Wolf and Sharon Green

This is one of Barron’s better test prep guides. The diagnostic and four full-length practice tests alone should justify the purchase. Throw in the detailed instruction for the optional SAT essay and you have a book that is a must for any ambitious test taker!

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar

4th Edition, The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica Meltzer

This very well written and organized book uses dozens of exercises to cover all the grammar rules you will need to know for the SAT multiple choice writing section as well as for later writing assignments in college and beyond.

McGraw-Hill Education SAT Elite 2019

McGraw-Hill Education SAT Elite 2019 by Christopher Black and Mark Anestis

This is a new title that succeeds a book from the same two authors that we really liked. No sleights of hand or “jedi mind tricks” here. Just a lot of solid prep material including 8 practice tests that has drawn raves from droves of past clients.

Kaplan SAT Total Prep 2019: 5 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online

SAT Total Prep 2019: with 5 Practice Tests + Online by Kaplan

This bundled package is loaded. And by loaded we mean over 1,500 practice questions, 5 practice tests, analysis and scoring for 2 official SAT tests, 1 year of access to the Kaplan online center and personalized feedback.

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