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School Selection Index

Not sure what college you want to attend? Confused about rankings? Check here for tips and advice on how to get started and to narrow your search.

Can You Afford a Public College? Admissions Video
     Don't be too quick to eliminate a school based on cost. Sometimes, a private college can be a more economical choice than a public college.

The Ivy LeagueAdmissions Video
     The original Ivy League brought together not minds, but football teams. That said, these eight universities have some educational and institutional traits in common beyond their athletics programs.

Your College ChoicesAdmissions Video
     School selection can be an overwhelming task for college-bound high school juniors. So what school is the best fit for you?

Finding 'The One'Admissions Video
     You'll have better application outcomes if you apply to schools that you are genuinely excited about the prospect of attending – and chances are you'll be happier in your college career, too.

Taking an Objective Look at College Rankings
     Every year, new batches of annual college rankings are released and, in some cases, they receive a significant amount of publicity. Their releases are usually met with anxiety over admissions chances and bewilderment over how some schools managed to improve so much while others plummeted rather dramatically. However, we strongly encourage you to exercise caution you and look beyond the rankings as you develop your list of target schools.

U.S. Rhodes Scholars From the Ivy League
     Rhodes Scholarships, which are among the most prestigious academic fellowships in the world, are awarded on the basis of academic accomplishment, personal integrity and character, potential for leadership, social engagement, and physical fitness.

Exploring the Value of US News Rankings
     A discussion of the
US News and World Report rankings by one of our Senior Consultants. 

The Other Rankings That College Applicants Should Think About
     High school students are always looking for ways to make the college search and application process easier. But are you prepared for the inherent pitfalls?

Donít Pin Your Hopes on Online College Recruiting Websites
     Concerned about those low admit percentages mentioned by the Ivy League schools? See what those numbers really mean and worry no more.

Are Safety Schools a Thing of the Past?
     High school students are often advised to apply to three different categories of colleges: 'stretch' schools, 'good fit' schools, and 'safety' schools. Do you know what these are – and how they might affect your application?

Consider Lifestyle Issues In Your College Selection
     When you think about your college choices, think about what's important to you in your daily life.

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