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February 21, 2008

AdmissionsConsultants President Speaks to WISER Audience

AdmissionsConsultants President and Founder David Petersam spoke on the upward trend of college admissions to a large group of members from the Washington Independent Services for Educational Resources. Petersam covered the current state of college admissions today and how important Early Decision applications may be in the face of financial aid.

"The bottom line on Early Decision and financial aid is this: if finances are the primary concern in the college admission process, students should apply regular decision to a variety of schools so that they can compare aid packages," he remarked. "However, if their primary concern is that they want to go to College X no matter what, then they should apply ED and do whatever it takes to enroll if admitted." It comes down to which is more important for the student and their family.

The presentation was part of a program for WISER members. The group's goals are to improve educational services and promote child advocacy by providing resources to children and parents. This is done through the ideals of fostering communication, providing information, presenting programs and engaging in various activities of a professional or charitable nature in order to disseminate information regarding the welfare and needs of children.

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