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A perfect academic record and test scores no longer guarantee entry into the school of one’s choice. The millenials, the largest generation to date, are currently attending or entering college and graduate school. More people than ever are pursuing higher education, due in part to financial assistance in the form of student loans, scholarships and employer-sponsored programs.

With increased applications, college, graduate, business and law school admissions offices must look beyond the test scores, stellar resumes and academic honors and achievements. The same holds true for medical school, where only one in three applicants secure admittance. The difference between working with AdmissionsConsultants and going it alone or with a test prep company, essay editor or recent alumnus is our comprehensive and customized services, and inside knowledge of the admissions process. Your future is too important to be entrusted to just anyone. We have the experience and credentials to zero in how best to maximize your strengths, and present the applicant admissions committees are seeking.

The term “cookie cutter” is not in our vocabulary, and frankly, we think you deserve more than standard test prep or essay writing services. With AdmissionsConsultants, you’ll receive an individual analysis, preparation and consultation, tailored to your unique strengths and objectives.

Our consultants have first-hand experience as former admissions officers. They possess an insight that is invaluable to the applicant, and one which affords our clients the opportunity to highlight their strengths and showcase the qualities admissions committees desire.

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