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May 16, 2008

AdmissionsConsultants, Inc, President David Petersam assisted the advocacy group FAIRGRADE for multiple presentations given to Fairfax County public schools regarding a proposed modification of the Fairfax County grading scale. FAIRGRADE is a parent-driven research advocacy group created in January 2008 after a December 2007 Washington Post article that "highlighted the disparities between Fairfax and Montgomery County grading policies."

Some parents are concerned that the grading disparities could put their child at a disadvantage when it comes to what admissions committees see when students apply for college. "College admissions are becoming increasingly competitive with higher numbers of graduating high school seniors as well as higher percentages of high school students attending college," says Petersam.

In April, FAIRGRADE created an online petition to enable members of the school district and community to support an initiative changing the county’s grading policy. FAIRGRADE will be giving additional presentations in order to further educate the local community on their efforts.

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