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The following testimonials represent some of the unsolicited feedback we receive each year. We may correct typographical errors or misspellings, and will change or withhold details to protect client privacy, but otherwise do not edit these comments.

"I got into the Kennedy School at Harvard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for all the guidance and support in this process."  L, France


I got into Columbia Univ!!!! Thank you for your help :)"  A, Illinois

"I'm very pleased to announce that I will be getting my Ph.D. from Michigan and they granted me a full stipend. Thanks for all your help and hard work."  D, Maryland

"Dear Barbara,

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my vet school application. I was offered 7 interviews, wait-listed at 3 schools and finally earned 3 acceptances! I decided to attend Tufts Cummings Veterinary School which is 45 minutes outside of Boston. They have an International Program as well as a fantastic Wildlife Program. I couldn't be happier!

Best regards,"  B, California

"Dr. Boyd:

You helped my daughter last year with re-applying to Physician Assistant schools. I wanted to let you know that she has been accepted at in the PA program at Marietta College in Ohio; she has an interview at a school in Virginia tomorrow, and has already interviewed at 2 other schools. I don’t know if she will end up at Marietta; it will depend upon whether she gets offers at the other schools. She really liked the program and the people at Marietta, and if she decides to go there, she believes she will be happy there. She is so excited and relieved that she will be starting school this summer. She followed the advice you gave her, and worked hard in the ER job she found and in the courses she took over the last year. I think she was a better applicant the second time around, and I appreciate the good advice you gave her. It was a low point for her to not get into a school on the first try, but she is energized and ready to go now. Thanks again for your help."  J, Louisiana


I just wanted to let you know that you can add me to the list of grateful and satisfied clients! =) I applied to the University of Maryland school of pharmacy and was accepted - yay! Thank you again for all your help, Dr. Boyd's recommendations were invaluable in terms of writing a great personal statement.

Thanks,"  J, Pennsylvania

"Hi Heather,

First, I'd like you to let you know that you are worth your weight in gold.

I have heard back from most of my schools and thus far here are the results: Oxford - YES! (I have chosen Oxford based on the program, location and what I'd specifically like to study which is South Asian development)

Cambridge - YES!
Columbia - YES!
Georgetown - YES!

Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it.

Best,"  N, Texas

"Hi Kim

A late Happy New Year to you! I hope your year has started off favorably. I am done with grad school applications. Heather has been more than helpful and informative. She's been absolutely amazing from Day 1. Not only did she help me with the actual essays and applications, but she answered additional questions I had (some related to the application and some non-related). And she definitely helped put my concerns at ease while challenging me to produce the best possible essay's for the schools I was applying to. Thanks to Heather's help I was accepted to the Fletcher School at Tufts University through its early notification plan. I am currently awaiting on my other schools which I expect to hear in about a month.

I've been very pleased with Admissions Consultants and would enthusiastically recommend it to others. It was a pleasure receiving your service."  D, California

"Hi Kim,

Heather has been extremely helpful throughout my admissions process and I would recommend her to anyone. She really knows what she is talking about and pays attention to every little detail. Additionally, she is very caring.

Thanks for following up,"  M, New York

"Hi Kim,

Heather was wonderful. She gave gave me feedback that was extremely helpful. She was specific enough that I knew what direction to go in. I wanted her to read my statement, so I was wondering how I would go about scheduling another appointment with her.

Thanks,"  B, New York

"Hi Kim,

I do not have very lengthy or detailed feedback but I will say that Barbara was great.

She prepared me very expertly for the questions I was expected to answer at my interview. She also gave me the tools to prepare myself and my material to present to my interviewer.

In short, she was extremely helpful!

Thanks,"  P, New Jersey


Just a word of thanks to you and a word of praise for Heather. She was courteous, professional, straightforward and I think we’ve put together an outstanding application to American University. Greatly appreciate the help.

Cheers,"  R, Argentina

"I am pleased to tell you that I have received an acceptance from the remaining 3 universities.

  1. Ohio State University
  2. University of Florida
  3. North Carolina State University.

I would like to thank AdmissionsConsultants for the guidance and inputs given to me to help me with my application process. I would also like to thank Heather who helped me out a lot with my application package.

You guys have been wonderful."  A, Texas


I know it has been awhile, but I thought I would pass on the good news. I recently found out I have been accepted to the University of Southern California's graduate program in Film, Video & Computer Animation. I was fortunate enough to gain a spot from the wait list. So thanks for all the help. Apparently it did the trick & helped push me over the top."  L, California

"You guys are truly the best. You kept me on track and gave me guidance and made the whole process a lot less stressful and much more successful than I ever could have hoped for on my own."  S, Iowa

"Heather did a very good job in helping [name of applicant] get started on his personal statement and get out the requests for his recommendation letters."  A, California

"Hi Maria,

My session with Heather was both helpful and informative. I feel that she really understood my admissions concerns. Sincerely,"  R, Florida

"I was impressed by the attention and also impressed by the quality of suggestions by Robert. Thank you. Money well spent."  G, Texas

"Thank God for your assistance! You took a very stressful period in my life and kept me on track and offered me good encouragement. The advice was dead on and your essay assistance seemed magical. You were more than my consultant when I was trying to complete my applications before the deadlines; you were my friend too. Thanks again!!"  S, California

"Heather was extremely helpful with what I needed. I will recommend her to others."  L, Texas

"Well I guess your advice helped because I just found out I got in [NYU]! Thank you again for all your help!!!"  J, New Jersey

""I'm in at Yale and it is really a dream come true. Couldn't have done it without you. Now I'm off to party and celebrate! (Better do it now and get it out of my system before classes start. Ha ha.)"  T, Georgia

"I was a bit concerned about using a service and in all honesty your rates seemed too low. But I really liked the idea of your minimum 1 hour payment and you were definitely fair with your billings. I know you were the edge I needed to get in and I feel quite fortunate I turned to you for assistance."  K, Germany

"Dear Bonnie,

I really appreciated our conversation today. I decided to use some more of your services and to ask for your help with the fixed price Ph.D. application package, since I am quite busy these days and I decided that the helping hand of a very experienced admissions officer could only maximize my chances of admission."  T, United Kingdom

"Just got a letter from Catholic, I am in! So far so good, Miami and Catholic gave me the nod, just waiting to hear from the others. Thanks for all of your help again!"  M, District of Columbia

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