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GRE Test Day Tips

Pack Wisely

To prevent cheating, there are very strict rules concerning what you can take with you into the exam. You will want to pack the following:

  • Your admissions ticket

  • A picture ID

  • A dozen sharp, non-mechanical pencils (mechanical pencils are prohibited)

  • A pencil sharpener

  • An extra eraser

  • Tissues

  • A few practice problems for warming-up

  • A snack and drink for lunch

All of these things must be packed in a see-through ziplock bag no larger than one gallon.

Do NOT bring your cell phone. Due to high concerns about cheating, cell phones are strictly prohibited and may be confiscated by the proctors.

You will not be able to eat or drink during the exam. Nor will you be allowed to wear earplugs or use any digital timing device, including a digital watch.

Eat Breakfast

You will do a lot of work before you get a lunch break. Even if you don't normally eat breakfast, you should eat something before going to your GRE test.

Show Up Early

Plan to arrive about a half-hour early. This will give you a safe window of time in case of trouble parking, traffic, or other unforeseen problems.

Do a Few Warm-Up Problems

Get your brain in gear and calm your nerves by doing a few practice problems before you go into the testing room. Bring something you've done before (so you don't make yourself nervous) and practice going through the steps of answering the questions. You won't be able to take these practice problems into the room with you, though, so bring something that you can throw away when you're finished warming up.

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