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11/15/2017 16:34:03 - (David)
Wake Forest and Texas A&M accept the GRE
11/15/2017 16:35:07 - (David)

The latest two schools to begin accepting the GRE are Wake Forest and Texas A&M.

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11/06/2017 20:45:29 - (David)
ABA once again shelves bar passage rate requirement
11/06/2017 20:46:46 - (David)

The bar passage requirement was rejected yet again on Friday in Boston after the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar decided to once again reject a higher bar passage requirement. (Technically, the section voted to shelf the proposal so additional time could be spent to attempt to garner more support.)

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11/03/2017 08:44:09 - (David)
December LSAT deadline extended
11/03/2017 08:44:59 - (David)

The LSAC has extended the December LSAT registration deadline to November 7. We couldn’t find an explanation on the LSAC site (please don’t be shy about calling us out in the comments below if our web surfing skills failed us), but we’re guessing it’s a small step towards becoming more competitive with the GRE and boosting the December LSAT registrations.

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11/01/2017 22:17:47 - (David)
New GRE validity study
11/01/2017 22:19:19 - (David)

ETS, the owner of the GRE, released new research indicating that "the GRE General Test is a strong, generalizably valid predictor of first-year law school grades. Furthermore, results show that the test adds to the prediction even when undergraduate grade point average already is available to predict those grades. The study also reiterated the reliability of the GRE test that had been shown in prior research."

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10/25/2017 11:57:06 - (David)
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10/25/2017 11:57:11 - (David)

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