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01/17/2018 22:04:21 - (David)
Baylor to Launch Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management
01/17/2018 22:06:55 - (David)

Baylor Law announced the launch of the nation's first Executive LL.M. in Litigation Management earlier today. The program requirements include a minimum of three years of attorney experience and, depending on your particular profile and goals, it may be worth considering. In any event, we hope it helps you realize that the legal education field is not static and new programs emerge rather regularly.

01/08/2018 16:26:23 - (David)
Brooklyn Law's "mini MBA"
01/08/2018 16:28:05 - (David)

Brooklyn Law issued a press release touting its latest "mini MBA" course for its law school students. If you think a "mini MBA" may help you achieve your career goals, then you may want to give that consideration in the law school selection process.

01/05/2018 09:40:04 - (David)
Law school applications are up!
01/05/2018 09:41:05 - (David)

Law school applicants were up 14.4% and applications were up 17.1% over the previous application cycle.

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01/03/2018 09:00:44 - (David)
Top law school profiles being updated
01/03/2018 09:02:20 - (David)

If you go to our top law schools section and notice the graphs don't sync up with the text, your eyes aren't fooling you! We're in the process of updating those profiles and will have the text updated to match the graphs asap.

12/22/2017 23:03:50 - (David)
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12/22/2017 23:04:01 - (David)

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