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09/18/2017 09:09:51 - (David)
University of Hawaii latest to accept the GRE
09/18/2017 09:11:17 - (David)

The University of Hawaii announced it will begin a one-year pilot program of accepting the GRE for applicants to both its full-time and part-time programs.

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09/14/2017 15:44:10 - (David)
Top 10 admission tips
09/14/2017 15:45:12 - (David)

Not all of these may apply to your particular situation, but we still adamantly believe that the law school admissions process is navigable even if it may seem overwhelming at first, so hang in there and never give up!

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09/12/2017 11:10:29 - (David)
The Best Pick for Public Service
09/12/2017 11:11:25 - (David)

Everyone knows that law school graduates who opt to work in government or for a non-profit earn far less money than their peers who go into private practice do. With the latest rounds of raises for associates at the top national firms, a J.D. who goes to work in the private sector can wind up with a first-year salary three times higher than that of a classmate who goes into public service.

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09/07/2017 22:12:59 - (David)
UK begins $56 million renovation
09/07/2017 22:15:43 - (David)

University of Kentucky has begun a $56 million renovation of its law school that will expand the school's facilities by 26%. The renovation is also designed to significantly enhance the law school's technological capabilities.

08/23/2017 17:13:11 - (David)
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08/23/2017 17:13:20 - (David)

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