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Law School Selection Advice

Everything you need to help you find the right law school for you. Do you know what to look for? What to avoid? How to incorporate career goals? Find out here.

How Do I Find the Right Law School for Me?Admissions Video
     You've made the big decision to enter law school. So now what? How do you figure out which schools to apply to?

How Many Schools Should You Apply To?Admissions Video
     "I'm often asked how many applications someone should submit to law schools," says Senior Consultant Laura Dauchy. "Last year, the number of schools my clients applied to ranged from 1 to 27. For most applicants, I think the ideal number falls somewhere in the middle of that range.

Pros and Cons of a Part-Time Law Degree
     While not all law schools offer alternatives to a full-time program, for many students, the part-time option offers a viable way to attend that dream school when either an LSAT score or GPA falls short of being competitive in the full-time pool.

Rankings Shouldn't Be Your Only Tool in Law School SelectionAdmissions Video
     US News & World Report releases its annual law school rankings in the spring of each year. Their release is, as always, timely for law school applicants who are starting to focus on school selection for next year, but...

A Dual Degree – Is It Right For You?Admissions Video
     Do dual degree programs, such as those that join a graduate business degree with a law degree (MBA/JD), make sense for students? Many applicants may wonder if these combined degrees are worth the time, effort and expense.

Best Pick for Public Service
     Everyone knows that law school graduates who opt to work in government or for a  non-profit earn far less money than their peers who go into private practice do.

Selecting a Law School that will Help You Attain Your Career GoalsAdmissions Video
     Too many law school applicants give too little thought to where their career goals fit into their school selection.

Thinking of a Joint Degree? Think Twice
     Joint degree programs are becoming more common at U.S. law schools. Although combining a J.D. with a graduate degree in another field makes good sense for some applicants, Senior Consultant Susan Brooks advises most people to think carefully before taking the plunge.

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