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January 5, 2009

Law School Admissions Consultant, Heike Spahn, Quoted in New York Times

Senior Law School Consultant, Heike Spahn, has been quoted in a New York Times Online article about a new trend being seen among many selective law schools. The trend involves a phone call from the school's dean to an admitted applicant. The article explains that as a result of less and less personal contact in today’s digital age, law schools are looking at the value of a personal call versus a traditional admittance envelope.

Spahn says in the article that "There is not a lot of personal contact combined with the surge in applications." Spahn, a former associate director of admissions at the University of Chicago Law School and now a private consultant, continues. "No longer do people call or stop by."

While it is unknown how long this trend will continue in the face of evolving social media outreach that higher education is participating in, you may want to reconsider picking up that call from an unknown number- it may be the dean wishing you congratulations.

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