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The following comments represent some of the unsolicited feedback we receive each year. They provide an idea of some of the challenges our clients have faced, and of how our consultants have helped them gain admission to their top-choice law schools. We may correct typographical errors or misspellings, and will change or withhold details to protect client privacy, but otherwise do not edit these comments.

"Hi Heike! I just wanted to let you know that you were right about my chances at Georgetown. I was accepted last week! It's the first school I've heard back from, so I'm pretty excited. I'll keep you updated as I get responses from my other schools.

Have a great week!"  V, Michigan

"Hi Amy, I just found your email address and thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how the admissions process went for [name of client]. I'm happy to say that he was accepted at University of Baltimore and Widener. He is more than half way through his first semester at UB School of Law and is doing very well. I've heard about so many students who did not get accepted at any of the schools that they applied to. I know that having you to guide [name of client] through the process made all the difference. Thanks for everything. I'm really glad that I found Admissions Consultants.
Thanks again."  D, Maryland

"Hi Heike,

I just wanted to let you know that I heard from Duke on Friday and I'm in! I'm
really very excited about this. Duke is one of my very top choices so it makes
the entire process that much easier. I'm planning a visit to Duke in October
so...that should be great.

Thanks for all your help with Duke!"  K, New Jersey

"Hi David,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I had a wonderful experience with AdmissionsConsultants, and especially that Amy was FABULOUS. She was beyond helpful and simplified the entire process for me immensely. Thank you!"  A, California


I just received a phone call from the Assistant Dean at Thomas Jefferson where she offered me admissions to law school in the fall. Thank you greatly for all your help. I know it made the difference. She explained how they were impressed by the strength of my personal statement and resume. Without your help they definitely would not have made the difference they did. If there is a testimonial you would need, I would be happy to send it. Thanks,"  M, Texas

"Hello, Heike -

Yes I have heard. I got in [to John Marshall] and am registered to start January 17th. Orientation starts on Monday. Thanks for everything."  B, Chicago

"Hi Mark,

...I have heard back from 15 schools so far and I have been accepted at all of them. I was accepted at Georgetown, Fordham, UVA, University of Indiana Bloomington, Seton Hall, U Penn, Harvard, U Michigan, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, NYU, Duke, Boston College, Washington and Lee, and Notre Dame. I also received several offers of scholarships. I am still waiting to hear from Columbia, Stanford, and Yale.

Thanks for your help on this and for your earlier help which contributed to my acceptances."  E, New Jersey

"Heike -

I got my first acceptance today...Georgetown Law. I was shocked to hear this early, but I'm not complaining :)"  M, Maryland


Received an acceptance from University of Chicago this morning. It's been a good week.

That was my Early Decision application, so that is where I will be going next fall.

Again, many thanks for your assistance. I hate to think of where I'd be without it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"  J, Illinois



[Admissions Officer] called me at work a little bit ago. I am soooooo excited. I really cannot begin to describe how happy I am.

I'm ordering a sweatshirt NOW.

Thank you SO much, Heike, for everything. You went WAY beyond the call of duty (or service or even friendship, for that matter). Thank you [for] introducing me to Chicago and for helping me create the best acceptance package I could.

I do hope to see you in Chicago in the future. I am just too happy right now (as you might have noticed with the inordinate number of capital letters).

It's a beautiful day!"  K, Indiana

"Dear Heike,

Here is my Christmas present this year: admission at Yale!

Thank you so much for all your help! I think I know which school I will be attending next year at this point...

I also had an email from [name of firm], telling me that they were giving me an internship. Overall, today was a good day!

All my best wishes for Christmas to you and your family, and a great Thank you!"  S, France

"Hi Heike,

I'm just writing to inform you that I got in to the University of Chicago today. Thanks for all you did! I really appreciate it. I'm still in a bit of shock. Ann called me this morning to give me the good news.

Thanks Again!"  N, California

"Hello Heike,

I got admissions letters from GULC [Georgetown University Law School] and Cornell last week. I am surprised to hear from them so quick. I have not yet heard from any other schools yet, but I look forward to some good news. Thanks so much for your help. It was awesome!

Thank you so much."  C, South Korea

"Hi Heike,

Indiana and ND [Notre Dame] got back to me--I'm complete and under review. Phew!

But great news! I got a packet from Michigan today--I'M IN!! I'm ecstatic to have such a great "back-up." Thought you'd be interested to know the note written on the acceptance letter: "Your work experience and expertise will be invaluable background for you with a JD. I hope you'll join us."

Thanks to you for all your help. A year ago, I never would have dreamed I'd be an 'auto-admit' at Michigan."  K, Indiana


I don't know what I would have done without your guidance and moral support. You have put an incredible amount of work into my application and have gone above and beyond the call of duty. As you know, I had a lot of quirks to deal with. Your reassurance during our first conversation gave me so much confidence about this process.

During the course of the application, I had to reflect on the many ways in which I have grown. I know that I've grown during the application process as well and I owe some of that to you. You helped me "bring my potential to the surface" as I love to say:)"  G, California

"Mark did an incredible job throughout, and I was admitted to nearly every school to which I applied: Harvard (this is where I'm going), Stanford, Columbia, NYU (with scholarship), Chicago (with scholarship), UVA (with scholarship), Penn (with Levy scholarship), and Georgetown."  S, New York

"Dear Heike,

This morning, I got an unexpected Thanksgiving present: a UPS letting me know that I was accepted at Michigan Ann Arbor! I am so excited! There was a hand-written note on the letter saying they had been 'moved' by my statement. Thank you so much! So early in the season and I already have a place to go.

Thanks again!"  R, France

"Dear Renee,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you gave me with my personal statement (and just general advice!) this year. It helped more than I can say, and was absolutely invaluable. I appreciate everything you did for me so much!

I also have some good news (and from where you used to work, too!): I just heard back from Penn, and have been accepted there! I'm really excited. I haven't looked at Penn since I was thinking about applying there for undergrad, but I'm planning on going for one of the accepted student days and checking it out.

Thanks again so much for all your help, and I will definitely keep you updated on how things go!"  R, Massachusetts

"Hi Heike,

I was just awarded an $81K scholarship at Northwestern U!!"  C, California

"I feel so grateful I 'discovered' you guys. I will definitely recommend you, but I want to keep you guys as my own 'secret weapon' until I've been admitted."  B, New York

"Hi Renee,

I just got home to find a letter from New York Law School. They have accepted me and are offering me a $25,000 merit scholarship for my first year! The letter also says that the scholarship will be renewed in subsequent years if I stay in the top 15% of my class, and I will be invited to join their honors program!"  L, Nevada

"Hey Dave,

Amy did such an incredible job with my papers - timeliness, quality, etc. Thanks!"  M, Virginia

"Hi David,

I am terribly sorry about not writing sooner to thank you and tell you how fabulous Mark was.  You may remember me - I had worked with Mark on law school applications several months back, and I was eventually accepted into Northwestern and UPenn.  [You are more than welcome to use any part of this message in your "Testimonials" board or anywhere you see fit - you guys definitely deserve it!]

The services Mark provided were superior in every way.  He was thoroughly knowledgeable about law school admissions, the unique characteristics of most law schools, and exactly what it was that admissions officers did, and did not, look for in applicants.

I was accepted to Penn and Northwestern even though (when compared to other accepted students at those schools), I had a GPA that was only average and a LSAT score in the 25%ile of accepted applicants.  I am 100% convinced that it was Mark's help that made the difference.  Basically, what Mark did for me was take all the disparate parts of my life (including my prior job academic and professional experiences, my family history, my unique preferences and hobbies, my friendships and relationships, my dreams and goals, traveling experiences, clubs and other activities etc.), and pulled everything together into one single, powerful, focused application.  That was the kind of thing I could never have done on my own, especially because I wasn't very clear on exactly what it was that law schools actually looked for in their applicants.

Mark was also personable, warm and just generally easy to talk to.  Not only would I recommend you guys to anyone, but I actually DID recommend Mark's services to my friend.  (He's already sent out his applications and now I'm just sitting back and waiting for him to get his acceptance letters.)

Thanks again for creating this service."  L, Pennsylvania

"Hey Heike,

Just got a letter in the mail today saying I got into Harvard! Only took 'em eleven days too. I wanted to thank you again for all of your help! It's amazing to actually be admitted to Harvard and your help was invaluable, I'll definitely be recommending you and Admissions Consultants to my soon-to-be-applying friends! Thank you again so much!!!"  S, California

"Hi Renee,

I thought I would update you on my status for law school next year. I heard yesterday that I have been accepted at Cornell so I will be enrolling there. Thanks so much for all your help during the past eight months - I really appreciate it."  K, District of Columbia

"Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback on HLS [Harvard Law School]. I'm going to make the changes and get it ready to go.

Secondly, thank you very much for your advice. It really made me breathe a little easier.

It's been fantastic working with you. I'm definitely going to recommend you to my friends, a bunch of whom are planning to apply to law school ;-)"   A, New York

"I also want to let you know that Paul is AWESOME. He has been so helpful, and really actually has me believing that I will get into law school :) I'm so glad I found you guys."  V, New York

"Hello Heike,

I'm writing to let you know that I've been admitted to Yale. Thank you again for all of your advice."  A, Massachusetts

"I'm very pleased to announce that I was accepted at Cornell's law school. Thanks for all your effort and assistance. I don't believe this would have been possible otherwise. I'm not an ivy league lawyer yet, but I feel I've cleared the first major hurdle of getting into the law school!"  R, New Jersey


I would like to thank you for the assistance you provided during the application process. Your advice was very helpful and I am very pleased with the results." [Admitted to Washington & Lee. Admitted to Illinois, DePaul, and Louisville with scholarships.]  R, Illinois

"Heike is fantastic! She offered information specific to my needs. I have already referred 2 people."  K, Ohio

"Hey Heike,

I just wanted to let you know that I did end up getting into USC this past Thursday! :-) Classes started this Monday and I love it. I wanted to thank you for your advice If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have tried to re-contact the dean, wouldn't have found out about the GPA percentile, and wouldn't have tried to find other ways to bump my application to the top of the pile."  M, California


I just received a letter offering me admission to MICHIGAN (my first choice) for 2005!!!  I am extremely thrilled!  There is no way that I could be here without your help.  Not only did you help me mold my essays and personal statement into virtual perfection, but you also provided me with the friendly and crucially important support I needed.  I have already called my friends, and they're on their way over with champagne!  Thank you SO much!!!"  Z, Georgia

"You are the best! I'm in at Chicago's law school and my LSAT was in the lowest 25 percentile. I know your thoughtful guidance and spectacular essay revisions made all the difference!"  R, New York


YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just wanted to tell you that I got into Boalt today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Last week I was scared because all these people with my exact same stats (GPA and higher LSATS) and all these people with LSATS in the 170s were getting rejected by the boatload.  So I was just waiting for my rejection letter to get the inevitable over with.  Then I found out that I am in!  You don't know how in shock and how happy I am-- my mother cried she was so happy for me!!!!!!!!  So far I got a full ride to Kent and into some of my other schools (Hastings and Madison), but I will just have to turn them down now that I am in at my #1!!!!!!!  I know I couldn't have done this without your help because I truly believe that my personal statement and genuine interest in the school made me stand out from the rest (otherwise I would have been rejected with the other boatload of people)!!!  Thank you sooo much for your help and advice-- now I just have to get used to the idea of living in Northern California, which won't be so bad because now I am that much closer to Tahoe!!!"  L, California

"In at Georgetown! My first decision of any kind. I am so excited. It is such a relief to know that, even though my fingers are still crossed for some other schools, I have an amazing school to fall back on.

I've got to get to work, but I wanted to let you know and say thanks again for all your help."  A, California


I was accepted to the University of Minnesota.  I am excited about UMN, and will continue to look forward to future decisions.

I have to believe that the success that transpires from the acceptance letter from UMN and into the next couple of months can be attributed, in large part, to your diligent work and advice on my applications.  I went three years (the time between when I realized I truly wanted to go to law school) without a single acceptance letter (3 wait-lists, 6 rejections).  Until today, anyway.  I know that I will be successful wherever I go, but am humbled by the guidance you offered me.  Thanks, and we'll keep in touch."  K, Utah


I am quite pleased. [UT Austin's] numbers for the 2005 class were even more competitive than for 2004, so it ain't no small potatoes that I got an unambiguous response so quickly....

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more stoked I get. Thanks for all your help - mission accomplished."  T, Texas

"Dear David,

Thanks for all your help. Paul was terrific! Not only did he provide very helpful advice and follow-up, we could tell he really cared about the outcome."  A, Maryland

"Hi Heike,

Thank you very much for your edits - I am always surprised at how subtle (and not so subtle) changes can make quite a difference. I felt much more confident sending out my papers with your help. Thank you again for your thoughtful insights. I will keep you posted come spring, maybe sooner, when the rejections/acceptances start coming."  D, Washington

"Dear Mr. Petersam,

I have been a client of AdmissionsConsultants for law school admissions since March 2004, when I requested to work with Ms. Renee Post. I had purchased the three application law package, working on applications to three 'reach' schools with Ms. Post's assistance, aside from sending out several other applications without AdmissionsConsultants' input.

I am delighted to say that I have been accepted to Michigan Law School off the waitlist. Mich was one of my top two choices from the very beginning, and definitely a reach school given that my GPA was below their 25th percentile entering class GPA. I am also on the waitlists at the two other reach schools I applied to with Ms. Post's guidance.

Ms. Post has worked ceaselessly on my case ever since I signed on with AdmissionsConsultants. From the initial stage of helping me highlight the broader theme of my application strategy, to thorough proofreading and expert commentary on every document I prepared, she has been an amazing advisor. With every one of my numerous queries, she provided spot on advice. No matter how small the question, she treated it with utmost care and diligence.

Michigan Law will provide me with a challenging environment to help me grow as a person, morally and intellectually, and an amazing platform to be an effective advocate. I would not have had this opportunity without the skilled guidance and perseverance of Ms. Post."  D, Illinois


Thank you for being the calm voice of reason that I needed the other day. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be done with the application part of the process. It finally feels like my hard work is paying off and this whole thing is coming together, in large part to your assistance."  A, California

"Dear Heike:

Thanks for your help and your advise is really important for my law school application. So far, I received these [LL.M.] admissions: Columbia, New York University, University of Pennsylvania and USC."  L, California

"Hi David, I hope you are having a great summer. I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate all the help you and Renee provided me during my law school application process. From the initial conversation we had last summer through the follow up letter guidance, you and Renee were very professional, courteous, and insightful. I first retained your services because I was a non-traditional applicant and was not sure which parts of my background I should try and highlight. Also, like most applicants, I wanted to maximize my chances for acceptance into the schools that I applied. I believe that Renee's advice on my resume and essay made my application much stronger. Also, having her to review my applications made the process much less stressful for me. I plan to attend law school this fall at the University of Oklahoma. They offered me a generous scholarship that will cover most of my tuition expenses for the three years. I decided that graduating from law school virtually debt free was too attractive to pass up."  B, Oklahoma

"In at [University of] Chicago! I am so incredibly happy! Now, no matter what else happens, this admission cycle has been a total success. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thanks so much."  P, Illinois

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