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February 13

AdmissionsConsultants is very proud to announce that MBA admissions consultant Kent Harrill has recently published a book on the consulting industry. The book is titled "The 2004 Global Healthcare Consulting Marketplace: Opportunities in Life Sciences, Provider, Payer, and Government Markets" and is available through Kennedy Information. Kent, a full-time consultant for us during the 'busy season,' has been selected to write another book for Kennedy this spring on the Government and Public Sector areas of management consulting.

In addition to being a published author with degrees in writing and editing, Kent is also an MBA who spent two years on the admissions committee at Cornell where he made accept/reject/waitlist decisions on over 1,000 applications. After his graduation from the Johnson School in 1996, Kent worked in advanced roles for healthcare consulting organizations such as The Advisory Board Company, The Wilkerson Group, PA Consulting Group, and CSC Healthcare. Since joining us, Kent has helped hundreds of applicants gain admission to the top business schools in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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