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November 5, 2008

Petersam Assists Los Angeles Times With Research for Article on MBA's

On the heels of a recently written AdmissionsConsultants article regarding the prospect of the future for MBA's the Los Angeles Times has turned to AdmissionsConsultants President and Founder David Petersam for some research. Petersam was cited in the article for providing statistics that showed an increase in the number of registrations for the Graduate Management Admissions Test. This in turn shows an increase in business school applications in all rounds.

"What we've been finding (and have been finding all along) is that while most admissions officials won't come right out and commit in saying that applications are definitely going to be higher, they're pretty sure this is following the standard trend vs. the market as in previous years. The hesitancy has been because this crisis is so unusual and 'new' that many aren't sure if the old patterns will hold true or not. So while they won't say flat-out 100% "yes, applications will be higher," they are telling prospects to be prepared that there may indeed be more applications than in the past" states Petersam.

The Los Angeles Times article that was recently published discusses the reality check MBA's have been experiencing since the Wall Street Fallout. It also discusses the choice some business school students have made by attending business school in California in order to distance themselves from the New York crisis. One student who is discussed in the article is a previous Lehman Brothers employee who has since relocated. "The West Coast is a great place to be, the lifestyle, the way the school is run. Everything is a lot more chill," he stated in the article.

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