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November 11, 2008

Wharton, Others Anticipate Surge in MBA Applications

An recent article in the Daily Pennsylvanian outlines the surge in applications for admission to Wharton’s next incoming class. The article said that the main reason for the increase is due to the recent influx of corporate employees now suddenly on the job hunt. At this time Wharton has not released specific data in regards to an increase in round one applications but according to David Petersam, president of AdmissionsConsultants, the difference could be the most profound in round two.

 Petersam said in the article that there was a "bit of an upswing" in the first round applications for all business schools. Petersam also noted a typical social reaction to the current economic climate being a lag time between layoffs and reactions, thus anticipating the increase to be felt more acutely in round two of the admissions process.

The article also notes that while it is well known that an MBA can help you rise above the competition in the workforce, the degree is even more important now while positions are condensing and fading. A commonly safe shelter during an economic recession is business school and many of the disenchanted ex-Lehman Brothers and other fallout firm employees know this.

Wharton is currently in the process of sending out Round One interview invitations this week. Round two applications are due in January 2009.

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