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MBA Application Decision

Over 150 people participated in this poll. Here are the results and our analysis.

Question:  Have the September 11 terrorist acts affected your MBA application decision?

MBA Applications Rose Dramatically

Believe it or not, there was concern immediately following September 11 about the impact of the terrorist attacks on business school applications. However, in hindsight, we now know that MBA applications rose dramatically in the fall of 2001. If anything, the terrorist attacks convinced more people to apply as there has been a historical inverse relationship between the economy's health and the number of business school applicants.

While there was a slight drop in the number of international applicants from certain countries due to visa and other immigration concerns, those numbers were more than cancelled out by the large increase in domestic applicants.

Here are 3 quick examples of schools that reported significant increases in enrollments in the fall of 2001:

  • Duke: First-round applications were up three fold from last year. Over 1,000 applications were received by November 1. Granted the first round deadline last year (fall 2000) was in early October, but Duke still only has an enrollment of 341 students! 

  • Columbia: Reports its first-round business school applications are up 70% over last year.
  • UCLA: Received 1,400 applications -- a 90% increase -- through November 12 for an entering class of only 330 students.

We update our poll periodically and we will continue to archive the results of the previous polls so you can see how other business school applicants voted on those topics as well.

Do you have an idea for a poll topic or any comments on our analysis? Please email us at mba@admissionsconsultants.com with your thoughts.

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