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04/21/2017 17:13:01 - (David)
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04/21/2017 17:13:09 - (David)

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    04/20/2017 16:31:53 - (David)
    Thoughtful School Selection Will Help Your Application Outcomes
    04/20/2017 16:32:48 - (David)

    School selection is the first and one of the most important steps in maximizing your chances of MBA admissions success. You're much more likely to be welcomed at those schools which are good matches for your background, interests, learning style, and personal and career goals – provided you understand how to present yourself in a way that highlights your good fit with that school.

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    04/14/2017 14:51:48 - (David)
    Is the accelerated MBA right for you?
    04/14/2017 14:52:34 - (David)

    A standard MBA program requires 2 years of full-time study. For many people, that represents an unacceptably long time away from the world of work. Some people find it difficult to forego 2 years' salary. Others worry about missing out on developments in fast-growing industries, or about losing touch with key contacts and professional networks.

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    04/06/2017 09:24:21 - (David)
    INSEAD lands 10 million euro donation
    04/06/2017 09:27:49 - (David)

    INSEAD received a 10 million euro donation to boost its entrepreneurship program. The school plans to use the funds to hire new faculty and establish some new Ph.D. scholarships.

    04/03/2017 19:54:31 - (David)
    Kellogg's new Global Hub opened
    04/03/2017 19:57:34 - (David)

    Kellogg's new 410,000 square foot Global Hub opened. Leann Paul, Kellogg's lead project manager for the Global Hub stated, "We designed a building that's adaptable so that as technology and programs change in the future, the building can adapt with those needs."

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