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09/12/2017 10:53:34 - (David)
NYU bringing EMBA to Washington, DC
09/12/2017 10:54:30 - (David)

NYU announced today that it is going to debut a two-year EMBA program in Washington, DC beginning in August 2018. The program will meet once a month and it appears to be geared towards attracting students from outside DC as well given the relatively light travel it would entail for many just outside the MSA.

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09/07/2017 12:35:10 - (David)
Kellogg Dean Sally Blount Stepping Down
09/07/2017 12:39:58 - (David)

Kellogg's Dean Sally Blount has announced she will step down at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year to take a one-year sabbatical to determine what she will do next. Dean Blount is the first and only woman to lead a M7 MBA program.

09/06/2017 08:52:28 - (David)
Top MBA programs for student debt
09/06/2017 08:54:43 - (David)

US News posted their top 10 MBA programs as ranked by student debt. We certainly encourage you to consider your finances when pondering the MBA. If you graduate with heavy debt, you may even be limiting your short-term career choices. We also want to remind you that YOUR particular finances are more important than the "average" debt reported. So if a school offers you a generous aid package, obviously throw their average debt out the window when evaluating that option!

09/04/2017 09:39:30 - (David)
Stanford selected 45 Indian start ups
09/04/2017 09:40:28 - (David)

Stanford Graduate School has selected 45 Indian companies for its Seed program. (The Seed program is designed to help end global poverty by training business leaders in developing economies.) These 45 companies will participate in an 8-month program that includes consulting from Stanford GSB faculty on various elements of their business plans.

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08/23/2017 17:15:06 - (David)
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08/23/2017 17:15:12 - (David)

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