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Economic Downturn MBA Poll

Thank you to the over 150 people who participated in this unscientific poll conducted in the spring and early summer of 2008. Here are the results.

Question:  Have the economic downturn and troubles on Wall Street made you more or less likely to apply to MBA programs in the fall?

While we don't claim this poll is scientific, we do believe it's pretty reflective of the MBA applicant community at large. Many applicants have been focused on their MBA aspirations for quite some time and have been planning to apply this year almost without any regard of the current economic conditions. However, a substantial number of respondents, 43% to be exact, have indicated they are at least a bit more likely to apply now.

We received 2 emails relating to this poll. We love hearing feedback and sharing it here with others, so please keep them coming!

"I voted no to your poll. My [investment banking analyst] program is up this summer. Maybe it will be more competitive for me with additional application volume, but I don't have any other real choice." S, New York

"The economy stinks right now. I was going to wait another year to apply, but I'll give it a try this year and hope for the best. Hopefully, I'll get in and graduate in time to catch the entire upswing." M, United Kingdom

(Editor's note: M from the UK voted "Yes. Much more so.")

We update our poll periodically and we will continue to archive the results of the previous polls so you can see how other business school applicants voted on those topics as well.

Do you have an idea for a poll topic or any comments on our analysis? Please email us with your thoughts.

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