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Making "The Rounds"

How important is a Round One application? Do late applicants even stand a chance? Dive in here for the answers.

The Round 1 Waiting Game
     Admissions committees presumably have the chance to compare candidates from the two pools. Do they ever take advantage of it? And could this affect someone's admissions chances?

Round 3 is a "Different Game"Admissions Video
     Senior Consultant and former Harvard Business School Director of Admissions Doug Braithwaite shares his thoughts on what factors Round 3 applicants should keep in mind as they prepare their applications.

The Case for Round 3 ApplicationsAdmissions Video
     One of the most commonly heard pieces of advice about business school admissions is that you should avoid applying in Round 3 because Round 3 admissions are especially tough. But is the situation really that bad?

The 'Two-Pronged' School Selection ApproachAdmissions Video
     Even the smartest and best-qualified applicants need to plan their admissions strategies carefully in order to get their desired outcomes.

Strong Applicants Welcome - Even in Round 3
     We asked Senior Consultant Susan Shaffer for her opinion on whether admissions committees ever compare Round 3 applicants to the people they already have on the waitlist.

The Best Round to Submit Your Applications In Is...
     A Round 3 application may be worth a try.

It's Not Too Early to Start Planning for Next Year
     If you have decided you want to apply to b-school for the following application season, it's not too early to take meaningful steps towards a successful and ultimately rewarding candidacy. Here is a list of actions you can start working on immediately.

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