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MBA Acceptance Preference

Thank you to the nearly 600 people who participated in this unscientific poll conducted in the fall of 2004. Here are the results.

Question:  You receive 3 offers at the end of the application process. Which do you accept?

We received a few email comments about this poll. Thanks to those who took the time to share their viewpoints. Here are two such representative emails:

"The value of the alumni network at HBS is immense and can not be quantified."  S, Georgia

"If a 10-15 school offers me a full scholly, it's a no brainer. Besides, the way the schools get knocked around in the rankings, it might be a top 5 when I graduate debt free."  V, Michigan

Actually, we were a bit shocked that the percentage (30%) of poll takers who said they would choose a full scholarship to a top 10-15 b-school was that high. We work with well over 1,000 applicants a year and we have been in business since 1996. We can honestly state that the next client who chooses a Park Leadership Fellowship offer from Cornell over an offer from HBS or Stanford will be the first such client we have ever seen. To put some more perspective on this, we have had at least 3 such clients each year since 1999 and we had some additional such clients in our first few years of existence.

We update our poll periodically and we will continue to archive the results of the previous polls so you can see how other business school applicants voted on those topics as well.

Do you have an idea for a poll topic or any comments on our analysis? Please email us with your thoughts.

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