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The following testimonials represent some of the feedback – much of it unsolicited – we received over the last several years. We may correct typographical errors or misspellings, and will change or withhold details to protect client privacy, but otherwise do not edit these comments.

"Dear David/Maria,

I purchased the 5 school package in October 2007 and at the time I thought it was a huge cost and was not sure if it would be worth the investment. Looking back the investment in the 5 school package and working with Susan was worth every penny and one of the best decisions I have made in my life!!!

I have been accepted to 4 schools so far; MIT, Northwestern, Cornell, and UVA!!! The direction I was heading with my essays and applications was completely misguided. After Susan reviewed my first draft of essays she gave me the necessary feedback on what schools were actually looking for. Susan is a complete professional and was prompt throughout the entire 5 months we worked together. She always met the advertised turnaround time that the admissions consultant site guarantees and most of the time she was quicker than advertised. She gave me great feedback on every edit I sent her and really made me think out of the box on how I could convey myself as a diverse applicant. I am forever grateful to Susan for her support as she eliminated a great deal of the stress that is involved in applying to the top business schools. Applying to 5 schools would have been near impossible without the support of Susan. I also appreciated that Susan behaved ethically throughout the process and drove my best work out of me!

I would recommend admissions consultants to anyone that is applying to business school, without it you are flying blind!

You guys are the best!!!

Sincerely," -S, VA

"Dear Mindy, Jeff,

Just wanted to update you on Wharton. Just received a call from the Adcom, and I have been offered a spot in Wharton's MBA Class of 2010. Thanks again for everything!

Best," -H, U.A.E.

"Hello Todd,

I know I have not contacted you for quite a while. But I wish to share some good news with you that I am accepted by both LBS and IESE. The outcome was beyond my expectation.

I am writing this email to express my gratitude to your expert advice. And I will definitely recommend you to any friends who are planning for MBA application in the future.

Best Regards," -S, Thailand

"Hi Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know that I heard back from Wharton and…. I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I suppose my interviewer wasn’t that bad ;)"

 -A, TX

"Dear Mindy,

Hope this e-mail finds you and your family well.

I just received an invitation from HBS for for admission to the MBA Class of 2010. I wanted to thank you for your outstanding assistance and guidance throughout the application process. In particular, your excellent turnaround times (1 day on most occasions) allowed me to meet all my the application deadlines comfortably. You are a gem!"

 -H, Pakistan


not sure whether you remember me, but I did a mock wharton interview with you a few weeks ago. It didn't go too well, and you gave me a lot of pointers. I found out today that I got accepted, and I just wanted to say thanks for your help. I don't think I would have gotten in had my interview gone the way the mock interview went. Thanks again."

 -L, FL


I got into Kenan-Flagler today!!!

I really don't know how to phrase the compliments better than the "couldn't have done it without you" clichés, but please know how grateful I am.

While getting caught up in the moment of finally getting into a school, I still think I would like to push myself to complete a Darden application before the Round II deadline (jan 11). I'm not sure how stong my chances are, but, quite frankly, they couldn't have been very strong at UNC either!

Again, thank you for your hard work so far." R, WA

"Hi, Deb,

We are very delighted to inform you that S has been accepted at UPenn's Wharton Business School as an Early Decision candidate. We are all very excited about this and I am sure you will also be very glad to know this.

Please accept our sincere thanks you for all of your guidance provided to S and us during the application process.

With Best Regards,"

S, India


I received my Wharton acceptance this morning, still hasn't quite hit home. It is really exciting to finally see this process coming to an end after all the work you and I put into it. Thank you again." L, NY

"Hi David,

Six months ago I had purchased a silver package from Admission Consultants for professional assistance on 3 b-school applications of my choice.

Last week I got an admit from my No.1 school, Chicago GSB. You can't even begin to imagine how elated I am! Todd helped me out with my applications and working with him over the past few months has been truly a pleasure and, of course, rewarding. His candid unbiased feedback, his meticulous & structured approach to an essay topic, his continued assistance with an application till submission....all these factors, I feel, helped in making the difference to my application. More so because I am from one of the most overrepresented parts of the applicant pool - Indian, IT.

In fact for some reason I had to delay my Chicago application till the very last day and I was extremely tensed about not making the deadline. But Todd was kind enough to keep checking his mail on the last 2 days, so that I could provide him my complete application for review. Additionally, throughout my application process he has never taken more than 24 hours to reply to my mails for which I was very grateful.

All in all, my experience with Admission Consultants has been very satisfying. You have played a very big role in my admission. Thank you very much and Merry X'Mas!

Best regards," D, India


Great news- in the middle of all of my anxiety about Virginia, I found out that I was accepted to Michigan. I am SO excited about this. Michigan is definitely my first choice, so I was obviously beyond thrilled about this news. All of the concerns about VA are now moot. I am done with the applications now as well. I am going to wait to hear from Duke, but I will most likely be in Michigan next year!

Thanks again for your help! Not a bad acceptance rate- 2 of 3 schools that we worked on!" K, NY

"Yo Jeff,

I just got a call from Stanford! I'm in! Thanks again for all your help." D, NY

"I got into HBS, pretty sweet, thanks for the help, more to follow from Wharton. I like all my choices." J, Germany

"Hi Cristina,

I got the good news yesterday and am slowly processing and making plans for the next step.

Berkeley's decision will come mid-March; but if funding goes smoothly, I think I will opt for INSEAD in the end.

Thought you like to know your good work helped yet another applicant. Being 1 out 4 selected is quite exceptional. Thanks again!

Kind regards,"


"Thanks for your time tonight, Susan... Your advice was "worth its weight in gold"! Will let you know how it goes. Have a great week!

Thanks again-" J, TX

"Hi Nicole,

Emory extended an admission offer to me yesterday with a major scholarship. I really did not see the scholarship coming - they have extended a scholarship that will cover 80% of my tuition. That's some good news indeed.

But, I am sure you know that Berkeley is where my heart is! Now that the Super Saturday is over - I hope they will atl east WL me. The news will be out on Monday. I will keep you posted. This weekend is going to be the longest weekend of my life!

Thanks for your help and patience with me - - Irrespective of whether I will go to emory or otherwise, I am glad I got an admission - after all they have a top 20 MBA program in the country :)



"Hey Nicole,
I got in to Berkeley!!! and I'm going to Cornell - I got the Park Fellowship ....wow....I have some decisions to make... " M, IA

"Hi Jeff,
I just found out that I was admitted to Sloan. Thanks for all you valuable advices and helps, they definitely make a difference for me.

Thanks again,"


"Thanks for all your help Jeff, I really appreciate it (the mock interview was absolutely 100% worth it)." R, MA

"Hi Nicole,

My McCombs interview was yesterday, and I don't want to give myself bad luck, but it felt like a home run! Your feedback was a huge factor in this success, so I wanted to say thanks!

We'll see about acceptance, but I feel confident that I put my best foot forward. Thanks again for your great advice!" J, NJ

"Dear David,

now that all decisions in regard to my MBA applications have been made, I guess it's time for a short summary.

As a reminder, I purchased the Platinum Package and worked with Angie.

From my 7 applications, I was rejected from Yale and Harvard (without having had an interview), was invited to interview from MIT Sloan and INSEAD, which I both turned down (since I had already been admitted to Wharton), and was admitted from all 3 programs where I conducted the interviews: Wharton, Stanford, and 2 day ago from Dartmouth Tuck.

If I had been admitted to all 7 programs, I maybe would a bit have doubted the high selectivity of these programs, so this is a result I can really be happy with, and I am :-)

So I guess I would be totally happy with every decision I made in regard to these 3 programs, but considering where I want to go, it'll probably be Stanford.

I had one mock interview with Jeff for Wharton. Since at that time, I was still working on some applications, I wasn't prepared as I would have liked to. Because of that, our mock interview was kind of a painful experience for me since Jeff made me aware of what was missing in my preparation, but, since he was totally right with what he said, it made me realize what I had to do during the next days, and that's what I did, so I was eventually quite happy with my performance during the interviews.

Most of all I would like to thank Angie, and I think she/we did a really good job. I'm sure she really cares about those applications, never loses her optimism and even if I sometimes lost a bit of my motivation, (fortunately never for more than a few hours), she didn't stop making me try to improve the essays. So I can really recommend Angie to other customers.

Now after all the work with my applications is done, I would again purchase the Platinum Package. Although it may look a lot at the beginning, I guess the price is really appropriate considering all the work with the essays and recommendations for 7 schools and the mock interviews.

David, thanks a lot and all my best,"

C, Germany


I was very impressed with Susan and the assistance she provided. Her knowledge of the admissions process and Stern was evident from our first conversation. She has been extremely helpful; my only regret is not getting in touch with her sooner. If I get an interview with Stern, I will surely be seeking Susan's advice!

Cheers!" R, TX

"I have been working with Mindy over the past several months on my application to the Chicago GSB. I received an offer for admission just the other day!!! I couldn't believe it!

I can't say enough about Mindy. She's an expert at extracting that "WOW" factor out of a candidate! She was supportive, knowledgeable and more importantly, very honest in her feedback.

To anyone serious about b-school - I would STRONGLY recommend your services.


"Hi Angie,

just wanted to give you an update on my applications and, sorry, still would like to bother you with another question.

I've so far been admitted to Stanford, Tuck, and Berkeley, and also already had an R2 interview with Kellogg. I am really happy with these outcomes, so thanks again for all your help in getting there!

Thank you so much!
Best regards,"

A, Germany

"Want to say a huge thank you for all the guidance, expert inputs and assistance to me, every single time I bothered you, without which I would not have reached even this critical stage. In fact Matt, it is only thanks to you that I have actually applied to Stanford and Harvard!" A, CA


I went through your notes later last night and plan to tighten some of the loose ends in my interview scheme this week. But overall, I think I couldn't have expected a better mock interview. The insight and the feedback was great. It was very specific to my case and I think it would help me immensely at the actual interview.

Thanks for taking out the time and for the excellent feedback.

Best Regards,"



I'm in [at Duke]! Thanks for all your help through this process. You really helped me put my best foot forward. Still waiting on the others, but at least now I can sleep easy knowing I will be at a great school next year.

Thanks again,"


"Hi Karen,

I have been admitted to the Duke MBA program. I am so excited about it.
Thank you so much for all the guidance.

Thanks so much,"


"Mindy (aka miracle worker),

I got into Ross!!! I can’t believe it. They gave me the call on Friday. I did not expect to get into Ross at all. I am so happy. When they called me I could barely put together a complete sentence I was so excited. Thank you so much. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you for everything…the essay help, the resume help, the recommendation help, the moral support, everything. Thank you for being flexible and patient with me. It’s a miracle! It’s truly a miracle!

Thank you so much,"


"Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to give you another update. I just got into Wharton! Pretty awesome. I actually ended up deciding on Harvard, but thanks again for all your help." B, NY

"Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with my essays. You really helped sharpen my message and keep the essays perfectly within the word counts. I just heard that I got accepted into Columbia's program! I'm pretty excited, since Columbia seems to have everything I'm looking for in terms of classes, location, and future opportunities.

Thanks again for everything and enjoy the holidays!"


"Jeff, Matt:

Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that I was accepted to Kellogg School of Management. Thank you both for your support during the admission process.

Best Regards,"



I just wanted to give you the latest and final update on my progress. I discovered yesterday that I had been accepted to Stanford. It truly is such a surprise and honor to have been accepted to HBS, Stanford, and Wharton… I still believe HBS is likely where I will end up, but I do plan on attending all the admitted students weekends and, to be honest, feel a little confused with all these fantastic options. I never dreamed I would fare this well in the process. Thank you again for your help…!!

Best Regards,"


"Hi Matt,

Got in to Stanford today. Final scorecard reads:

Wharton - accept

Stanford - accept

HBS - wait list

Not too shabby! I have no idea how I am going to choose between Stanford and Wharton...

Thanks again for your great essay help." G, CA

"Hi Doug,

Thank you for all of your help in the fall. It was successful! I was admitted to HBS in Round 1 and also to Stanford in Round 2. After my admit to HBS in Round 1 I received an interview to Wharton but withdrew.

I am now struggling to decide between Stanford and HBS!" J, MA

"Dave and Maria,

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to attend any of these fabulous schools, much less all three [Harvard, Stanford, & Wharton], and I most certainly could not have done it without Jeff. Jeff's advice and support was invaluable and his dedication was second to none. I think you should consider creating the Admission Consultants all star Hall of Fame in his honor!! I am more than delighted to serve as a reference for Jeff and know that any future clients will be lucky to work with such talent. Thanks again for everything and thanks most of all to Jeff for helping me to achieve this wonderful outcome.

Best Regards,"


"Hi Doug,

HBS – accepted. Stanford – I'm on the waitlist. They originally told me I'd hear back in May and I've not heard any update since then. I'm not sure what I'd do if I ended up getting accepted here. Chicago and Wharton – I was invited to interview and declined the invitation as I'd already been accepted to HBS at that point.

Altogether it was a very happy outcome and better than I anticipated. If you happen to cross paths with Mindy (my mock interviewer), please share these results.




Accepted to Wharton! -Thanks for the help on the mock interview...." J, CO


I got in off the Waitlist at Wharton today (and will be going in the fall). Thank you for all your help!" M, District of Columbia

"Hey Matt,

I just realized I haven't told you about my MBA fate. I did get into Haas, and they gave me a Merit Scholarship. Wanted to thank you again for the awesome feedback on the mock interview. Maybe our paths will cross again.

Take care,"


"Hi Nicole,

I received a 2-year Joseph Wharton Fellowship in the amount of $7,500 per year! I'm really happy as this was the only Fellowship that I qualified as a candidate. The $15000 fellowship is indeed a great achievement for me. Thanks again for all your help!" T, CA

"Hi Karen,
Just got a call from the GSB Chicago and they said they have offered me admission to the Fall program and classes would start in September 20th. I would like to thank you for all your advice on the essays!!!



Wanted to send this out to you to let you know that I got accepted at Columbia. And I want to say Thank You for the excellent work you did in revising the re-applicant essay. As I had only submitted the re-applicant essay, I am sure it played a big role in the evaluation process..

Thanks again for your time and efforts on this." S, MA

"Hi Karen,

I am emailing you to thank you for your help with my essays back in Feb. I have received the news that I have been admitted at UCLA for the FEMBA programme.

I greatly appreciate your help. Thank you." S, NY

"Hi Susan,

I wanted you to know that I got a letter of acceptance from Anderson, UCLA today.

Again, thanks a lot for your help." V, CA

"Dear Mr. Braithwaite,

Thank you! (long overdue) for your guidance through the application process. I am excited to report I'll be attending HBS this fall.

I am surprized (sic) by how much I have reflected on our conversations: I realize in retrospect how little you guided my essays and how much you guided the way in which I build a perspective of my experiences and mistakes.

Having now met many of my new classmates and perchance a few professors, I can't think of a more fun place to start than HBS.

If you find yourself in Boston, it would be a pleasure to meet for coffee at some point in the future.




At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say that 'Your edits are once again AWESOME!!!' The same content with better style and organization. The essay now looks like 'Astronaut-food'. Thank you!

I can't wait to see what you do with my leadership experience essay." P, CA

"Hi Nicole,
This Friday I was accepted to Columbia!!!!

Thanks so much for your help." L, FL

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