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The following testimonials represent some of the feedback – much of it unsolicited – we received over the last several years. We may correct typographical errors or misspellings, and will change or withhold details to protect client privacy, but otherwise do not edit these comments.

"Kent was very helpful. I felt prepared for my interviews (I've had 2) and hope I get more. He had good feedback and I felt like he'd taken the time to really look at my file beforehand.

Feel free to pass this info on to him--he was great! Thanks." C, TX

"Hi Matt,

I just submitted my HBS application and before I delve into the other apps, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the awesome job you have done on my essays. When this application process started, I remember commenting to friends that my essays will likely be my Achilles heel. But, thanks to your diligent and superb reviews and styling suggestions, I think I will be competitive.

Whether I succeed or not, I don't know. But, I do know that you have given me that extra bit that may well bring home a positive decision.

You have been a great sounding board and a source of motivation. So, thank you !



"I loved working with Matt. He was the best consultant I have ever encountered. He was fair, honest, calm, and so talented and knowledgeable. My admissions results far exceeded my expectations. Matt's tireless efforts to improve my essays were remarkable. Through all of his work and advice he really did help me to change the direction of my life and for that I am forever grateful.

Matt encouraged me to apply to the top schools. Without his advice and encouragement I may not have applied to any of the Top 5 schools.

I would recommend Matt to anyone."  M, Virginia

"Hi Mark,

Just wanted to let you know that I got into everywhere i applied - hbs, stanford, wharton and chicago.  Thanks for your help!  I am going to go to the admit weekends, but it is between harvard and stanford."  C, New York

"Hello Cristina,

I hope all is well with the birth/baby. Let me know how things go....

Officially, we are two for two, and I sent my e-mail to INSEAD confirming that I am accepting the seat in Singapore for September 2006. Take care,"  S, Argentina


MIT was officially submitted at about 1 PM CST, with 1 hour to spare!!!

Looks like that is it for me. My apologies for the late onslaught on this one. I appreciate the quick responses in the past few days. I'll definitely keep you posted on interview(s)/acceptance decisions etc., and I will be setting up a mock interview.

Thank you for all of your help. It definitely made a huge difference in the quality of my apps, and whether I get in or not I know that at least I'm giving it my best shot.

Thanks,"  C, Texas

Dear David,

"Todd has been wonderful to work with, and I greatly enjoyed the entire time. Admissions Consultants has been so helpful and supportive since the very beginning, so I sincerely thank you very much! I still hope that I'll hear some good news from other schools, but I'm already very excited about the CBS admission! I couldn't have done it without you! A friend of mine has just started her first step in this process – GMAT. When it's time, I'll most definitely introduce her to you. I can't thank you enough, and I will keep in touch and help out your new applicants in any way I can.


M, Colorado

"Hi Susan,

I wanted to thank you for your very helpful advice on the Langone admissions process. That time demystified a lot of what goes on behind the scenes for me and helped me in composing my optional essay. It paid off at 1:15 today when Stern gave me the nod... I'm in! In the future, I will refer prospects that I come across to Admissions Consultants, (namely you), noting the flexibility and insight you were able to share at the 11th hour.

Thanks,"  T, New Jersey

"Hi Nicole,

How are you? Over the past couple of months I have really evaluated the field that I am in and I came to the hard decision that I really do not think that I want to be in business at all. You were always so great about making me realize my potential pushing me to see it. I truly believe that knowing you has made my life better and it helped me come to this recent decision. Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,"  S, Illinois

"Dear Susan,

I want to sincerely thank you for helping me with my MBA applications. After 3 applications and 4 months of hard work, I can now await for the decisions to come out, knowing that with your help and valuable advice, I now stand a real chance of being admitted at one my top schools.

I am glad I found out about Admission Consultants, and I was lucky to be assigned to you.

I will keep you updated on the status.

Sincerely,"  E, New York

"Hi David,

I wanted to write this note to express my sincere appreciation for the support I received from Todd through my application season.

I did not know what to expect when I thought of using Admission Consultants. So much so that I started off with just a 1-hr initial phone call. However, from that time forward I have no cause to regret taking a package with you and more so working with Todd.

For me, an international student, with no knowledge of the US system and with no access to people who did, it was really amazing to have someone who could answer all my questions and put me at ease. Todd has an amazing ability of explaining this in clear detail, but at the same time succinctly. It makes it so much easier to absorb.

For me, the greatest benefit from Todd's support was that his feedback was always strategic in nature. Rarely focusing on simple word corrections, he really showed me how to write such essays and get the best out of my application. I have had detailed notes explaining the essays on career goals and leadership, which became the basis for how I wrote them. Just one look at the first draft of my essays versus the last shows such a marked difference.

All this was done very promptly – every feedback I received was within 24 hrs. That really made such a difference to my work. Knowing that I could rely on have concrete advice to work on the day after I gave something in was very very useful. I could schedule my work very well and I feel that if it wasn't from Todd's dedication to this I would not have been in a position to complete all my applications so comfortably.

Todd was always patient, especially when it came to answering my many (sometimes silly) questions. But he knows how to push things when required, without disheartening the individual. This balance makes all the difference in managing the application work.

I must say that I've seen the work of other consultants (several of my friends used many other services). But it was clear from what I saw that the quality of the advice I received and the timescale in which I received it far surpassed the best of them. The thanks for that must go to Todd. I'm sure you also realize the caliber of his work. It was excellent having him supporting me. For that I'd like to thank Todd and Admissions Consultants very much. Regards," K, Jordan

"Hi Kent,

It's been awhile, but I wanted to write now that my head's out of the water a little bit to write you the obligatory "thank you, thank you, thank you!" email. I accepted the offer from HBS recently, and still kind of wondering how it happened!

I wanted to write you to say thanks – thanks for responding at incredibly (and on my part, often unfairly) short notice, for keeping the whole process very ethical, and still very much "owned" by the applicant. I didn't get the sense from the website prior to signing up with you guys how that would be, and I was a little reticent in the beginning about signing up because of these issues. I'm really glad that I feel while you helped in the process immensely, I can feel like it was still an application wholly owned by me – thanks for keeping the lines clear, and the process in such a way that admissions consultant critics can’t have anything to say about you guys. Also, just keeping my head up when I was going through those huge doubt pangs – I remember before signing up with you, I was seriously considering not applying to HBS in the first place because I didn’t think I’d have a chance there. You helped keep me grounded as far as chances go the whole time, which meant more than any grammar check or strategy session in a lot of ways. Your advice really helped keep a hectic time very manageable, and about as enjoyable as cranking out 7 apps in less than a month can be.

So hope you’re well. If you have any last parting "words of wisdom," do share them – things to consider for next year, any last impressions of how my application looked, and ways in which I can improve. On my side, all I can say is thanks again – you guys put together a great service – and keep up the good work.
Best,"  P, Massachusetts


I got into NYU! Thanks again for all your help and support! I couldn't of done without you!

I will certainly keep in touch and refer others to your services.

Warm regards,"  A, New York

"Hi Nicole,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been accepted into USC EMBA program. I wanted to offer sincere thanks for all of your help in making my application very strong. Best regards, "  N, California


I wanted you to be one of the first to know - I was admitted to Kellogg off the waitlist. I couldn't have done it without your help. I really appreciate your insight, advice, and patience. Duke graciously gave me a ~$12,000/yr merit scholarship to go to school there, but I'm going to turn it down to go to Kellogg. Thanks again,"  B, Virginia

"Kent forced me to reflect and clarify my career goals. As a result, when writing my essays they were more concise, realistic and focused. This self reflection helped me in my interviews with Wharton as well as my career. Overall, since working with Kent this year, I have grown significantly as a person."  D, Massachusetts

"Hi All,

I've been admitted to Stern. (sigh of relief) Thanks, Matt, for all your excellent help with my essays. And thanks, Susan, for helping me prepare for the interview. I knew, when I walked out of there, that I had nailed it. I'm truly excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity that you both helped me secure. And now to start packing..."  C, California

"Hi Matt,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I was accepted off Michigan's waitlist and plan to attend this coming fall. I am very excited and feel very fortunate to be accepted by one of my preferred choices after being waitlisted.

I want to thank you for your help, guidance, and patience throughout the whole process. It has truly been a grueling but eye-opening experience. Your expertise and advice was immensely valuable and gave me confidence about my admissions chances. Thanks again!

Regards,"  L, California

"Hi David, Susan, and Bonnie,

I apologize for the delay in this response, but thanks to all of your assistance, quality work and dedication, I have been accepted into the University of Chicago Executive MBA program. I will be starting classes in just a few weeks. I have been so busy getting ready for school, I forgot to let you know. Your services have been incredibly valuable and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with you. I am very excited about attending the University of Chicago and I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again for a job well done!!"  C, District of Columbia


USC called me today - I GOT ACCEPTED AND I GOT THE CONSORTIUM FELLOWSHIP! Thank you very much for your help and expertise.
Best regards,"  D, Florida

"Hi David,

I was waiting for the final result to respond to your feedback request email. I am admitted to MIT Sloan. My consultant is Jeff.

I am very satisfied with the services provided by AdmissionsConsultants, both on the consulting and administrative side.

Jeff was a great consultant. He had an excellent insight on the selection of the schools, and his edits were wonderful, and actually improved the substance of the essays (rather than just making them look nicer). I did not apply to MIT last year, but upon Jeff's suggestion, I applied to MIT. In the end, MIT was the school that I liked the most, and got in. I think the results would have been different if I had a different consultant.

On the administrative side, the paperwork was simple, and my questions were all very nicely and timely answered by you and Jeff.

Thank you very much again for your excellent consulting.

Regards,"  S, New York


I was SO happy with my experiences with AdmissionsConsultants.com and with Doug (off to HBS in the fall!!), I have really spread the word!!

I would like to introduce you to [a friend], a great candidate for b-school. [She] is considering enlisting the help of a consulting firm and I wanted to connect her with AdmissionsConsultants. Thanks, again, for all of your help!"  M, Connecticut

"Hi Matt,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I was accepted off Michigan's waitlist and plan to attend this coming fall. I am very excited and feel very fortunate to be accepted by one of my preferred choices after being waitlisted.
I want to thank you for your help, guidance, and patience throughout the whole process. It has truly been a grueling but eye-opening experience. Your expertise and advice was immensely valuable and gave me confidence about my admissions chances. Thanks again! Regards,"  L, California

"I have absolutely amazing news - I got into Harvard!!! The head of admissions called me last night to tell me! She was so nice on the phone and kept saying how they would love to have me come to the school. I don't know what I am going to do, I am going to need to talk to you to get your input about the school once I can think clearly!! I need to thank you very much for all your help with my application!!! You definitely are a big reason for this amazing outcome! I wasn't sure about how the essays were coming, but you kept me on track and knew what Harvard was looking for. I really appreciate all your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN"  P, New York

"Hi Matt-

As a critical part of my MBA admissions journey, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. I have been accepted into Harvard Business School and will be pursuing the concurrent MPP/MBA degree that I have been dreaming about for the last few years. Thanks you so much for your insightful advice and rapid responses. Thanks again,"  D, California

"Hey Kent,

Just wanted to let you know that [with the Chicago acceptance] I'm now three for three.

Thanks for all your help."  W, New York


I was accepted at Wharton. Thank you so much for your edits to my essays (particularly given the limited time we had to work together). I know those changes - especially the major changes you made to my "background" essay - played a key role. So again, thank you very much."  T, New York


I'm in at Chicago. They called me yesterday with the big news. Thanks for all your help."  K, Washington


Good news - after this stressful time for me, I was accepted to Fuqua (3rd round) and Kellogg (off the waitlist). I've decided to attend Kellogg. Jeff, Kent, and Susan were all invaluable in helping me get accepted. I will highly recommend all three of them to people that I meet that are applying to B-school. Thank you,"  B, Virginia

"Dear Nicole,

I hope you are doing fine. I have just finished my MBA at Harvard, and will work for McKinsey in Boston. Thanks again for your help 2 years ago; you played a major role in what turned out to be a fantastic experience!"  G, Massachusetts


I wanted to let you know that I will officially be removing myself from the MIT waiting list. This is because I was accepted into Kellogg this past week and will be attending there come this fall. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am, needless to say I am excited.

I just wanted you to know that I could not have gone through this whole process and ultimately reached this point without your help and guidance. I really appreciate the time, effort, and work you put in, helping me with my applications. I hope to be able to recommend your services to many in the future. Chalk this one up to the win column.

Thank you,"  C, Massachusetts

"Dear David,

I was cleaning out my emails and I came across your email address. I want to let you know that I was accepted into the Kellogg School of Business class of 2008. Mark Meyerrose was my advisor and did a great job in helping me prepare my essays. I am excited about the fall and look forward to the challenges. Your program is excellent and I will recommend it to my other colleagues who intend to apply to business school in the near future.

Regards,"  M, Connecticut


I just realized that we're 2 for 2 so far on the ones you've helped me with! Hmmmmmnnnnn :)"  J, Missouri


Just found out I got into University of Chicago's MBA program! Of course, I'm thrilled, and am attending!!

Thank you so much for everything!"  B, New York

"Hi Kent -

Am 'in' at chicago. thanks for your help - appreciate it."  K, California


I just got the admit call from University of Chicago. Thanks for the help again."  W, Colorado

"Hi Mindy,

I just [submitted my application]. And before anything, I wanted to thank you for the tremendous support and outstanding help throughout this process. I know I've been impatient, anxious and pain in the neck at times but you stood by.

You helped and supported on even things outside your area of responsibility (Extra-curricular/ Job Responsibilities etc). And the way you helped me last night truly showed how much you cared for my application and success.

I don't know what lies ahead of me- how many dings and how many wows, but the fact remains that I'm truly grateful to you. Thank You...Thank you very much for everything..............!!!"  S, Georgia

"Hi Susan --

I wanted to let you know that I just heard back from Yale and I was accepted with a Dean's Scholarship! I'm thrilled! Thank you so much for all your help -- it was incredibly appreciated!! I'd be happy to write a testimonial or serve as a reference; just let me know.

Thanks again so much. All best."  G, New York


The "submit" button has been clicked! Wish me luck! Thank you for your help Angie, your insight was instrumental in improving my overall application and making the process a lot easier.

Gracias!"  E, California


Just received a call from Chicago. I got in! And they gave me a 50% scholarship! Are you kidding me?! Our work definitely paid off!"  S, Illinois


I wanted to let you know that I got the Parks Fellowship at Cornell!!! Obviously, I will be going there! Full tuition plus a stipend sounds pretty good! Anyhow, thanks again for all your help!"  M, Missouri


In at HBS! You know how much this acceptance means to me, and I cannot thank you enough for your help. Beyond being a tremendous asset in compiling a winning application, you were also a de facto psychiatrist during this process! Don't know how I would have survived without your guidance. Thank you again, Kent! Best regards,"  M, Indiana

"Hi Mark!!!!

I have been accepted at HBS!!!! Gosh, its such a surreal feeling. I was so nervous to check my status that I actually asked my brother to login for me. I was not sure what to expect after my interview. Anyways, I wanted to say many many thanks for all your help and support thus far in the process. Your input and advice were invaluable to me. (honestly!) I felt like I was working with a friend through my essays and application - so many many thanks!!! I'll try to give you a quick call tomorrow morning your time. Again, many thanks, Mark! Cheers,"  A, Hong Kong


I wanted to share some news with you. A few days ago I found out that I was accepted to Harvard Business School! I am really excited about the opportunity and want to thank you again for your ongoing support and help during my application process. Talk to you soon,"  J, California

"Hello Kent,

I'm in at Cornell! Thank you for your recommendation to apply to your alma mater...it really paid off. Just waiting for Tuck now....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"  R, Minnesota


I got a good news, and I cannot wait to tell you. Yesterday, right after I finished the interview with Yale at noon, I received a phone call from Tuck that I was admitted. Thank you so much for your support during my application process! Now I feel that all of our efforts paid off. I am waiting for Yale's decision, and will keep you informed. Yours sincerely,"  S, Indiana

"DOUG, I GOT INTO MIT JUST NOW!!!!!!! THEY JUST CALLED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"  M, Connecticut

Hi Matt and David,

I just wanted to let you both know that I got into UCLA with my last GMAT score of 650. I haven't heard from Haas yet, but I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your help and happy new year!"  S, California

"Hi David -

This is to let you know that I got admitted to Ross Business School last Thursday. This was one the schools I wanted to be in. I am thrilled to be admitted to Ross and I would like to express my deepest satisfaction with the level of service provided by Mindy. She was always affable and accommodative; ready to answer all my questions with terrific turn around time. To sum it - I definitely wont have made it without Mindy. Generally speaking, I am also happy with the timely response I've gotten from Admissions Consultants every single time. Keep up the good work,"  Y, Pennsylvania


I would like to take this opportunity and write a few words to utter my deepest appreciation. I had many concerns as [applying to business school] was for me quite an impossible mission, frankly. Furthermore, being a re-applicant to some of the schools (LBS, Chicago, and Berkeley – all resonating dings) was no great comfort either, having lived in the shadow of a previous defeat.

After quite an extensive search, I came across Admission Consultants, whose honesty from day one impressed me.

However, their greatest asset (and my greatest luck) was working with Susan Shaffer, whose unfathomable devotion and exceptional analytical prowess are worth their weight in gold. I still remember when Susan called me from a private vacation in the Caribbean, at her own expense. How devoted can someone be!?

I applied to 7 schools on a most hectic schedule and frankly, did not expect that anyone else would be as dedicated to my goal (people do have lives after all) as I was. Susan’s exceptional dedication supported me through this journey and regardless of the outcome I had already achieved the most desired goal I had set for myself – after reading all my essays I felt that I had done the maximum I could.

It took someone with a unique perspective to help me unveil the right aspect of my personality and talents, without losing the integrity of either of us. Moreover, because of my cultural heritage, I had to learn how to bridge over to successfully communicate my ideas and passions with people who are quite different from me.

Susan did far more than just that by providing me with invaluable tools to transform an initial weakness to an overwhelming strength; a true Cinderella story.

Hitherto result:

LBS – in
Kellogg - in
Chicago - waitlist

This is more than I ever expected and I could not have done it without you, Susan.  Speechless,"  Y, Wisconsin

"Dave, Kent, and Jeff-

I think I contacted each of you separately but I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to accept a spot at the Wharton School for this fall. (I only applied to the Wharton School this year).

Thanks so much for all your help and helping make my educational dreams come true. Have a Happy New Year,"  D, Massachusetts

"G'day Todd,

Just a quick note to thank you for a very productive initial session, I was impressed by your commitment, preparation and professionalism and look forward to working with you over the months to come. Once again, thanks for your time. I'll work with David to schedule some further time with you in the next couple of months. Enjoy your travels over the next couple of weeks. Cheers,"  R, Australia


It was all due to your effort. Regards,"  P, Texas

"Dear Kent and Admissions Consultants,

I want to thank you for your the outstanding service you provided me. Working with Kent has been a wonderful experience! Not only has he been a fabulous resource for essay strategy and revision, but also in helping me with school selection, application timing, and my overall marketing strategy. Plus, he's an incredibly smart and fun person to boot! We worked together on dozens of essay revisions and his feedback was a well-balanced blend of insightful critique and boundless praise. He helped me avoid a potential timing disaster by understanding the nuances of the individual schools' application protocols. He steered me away from using some potentially damaging anecdotes in my essays and provided suggestions that put me on the right track. He helped me revise and hone my resume.

He gave me advise on how to fill out the short answer questions in the applications themselves. He even worked with my recommenders to insure that my letters of recommendation were solid (this worked well as it allowed my recommenders to write without worrying that I would ever see the recommendations). In the end, Kent boosted my confidence and ensured my success.

After the applications went out, we knew things were going well when I was invited to interview with every school I applied to. At that point, I was given the opportunity to do mock interviews with Mark and Doug. These sessions were amazingly helpful and I'm convinced that I would have stumbled through my interviews had I not worked with these two amazing guys. After the interviews, I was astonished as the acceptance offers poured in from every school. I am now in the fortunate position of having to decide between four top schools, including Stanford and Harvard.

I want to thank the whole Admissions Consultants team, especially Kent, for their time, effort, and support in this amazing adventure."  P, Florida

"Hi Matt,

I haven't talked to you in a while so first I hope you are doing well. Second, I got into Tuck! The admissions director called me today and said that I got in and that I have a $20K scholarship. Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! As I said with Chicago, I know this wouldn't have happened without you. Thanks again,"  J, Virginia

"Dear Nicole,

I am so happy and honored to have been accepted to the Johnson School! I thank you for all of your help with the interview process. I feel that your feedback and guidance was instrumental in making my application a success. Kind regards,"  R, New York

"Susan and Nicole,

Thanks to you all for your help in preparing for my MIT interview. Your mock interviews did the trick because I got a phone call this morning congratulating me on my acceptance! Thanks again. The extra preparation and feedback were very helpful."  N, Washington

"Kent/ Todd,

Thanks again for all your help with my Sloan application. I was notified of my admission this afternoon. I'd be happy to write a testimonial for you!"  B, Massachusetts

"Hey Jeff,

Got the accept call from [admissions officer at Kellogg] last night! Very happy - thanks again for all your help. Best,"  J, Georgia


I got a call from USC this afternoon. I'm in. It feels good to be wanted!"  D, California

"Hi Gretchen,

I just found out I've been accepted at Kellogg!!

Thanks for all your help and insight!"  P, California


As information, I received an acceptance note from Northwestern-Kellogg. Thank you for your help. I hope all is going well with you. I will talk to you soon.

Have a great day!"  C, Nebraska

"Hey Kent,

Good news. I just got off of the phone with [head of corporate relations for Johnson]. I got the Park Fellowship!

Cheers,"  G, Illinois

"Hi Jeff and David,

This week was awesome. I got accepted to Darden on Monday and on Thursday I got the call from Ross. I am picking Ross over Darden. Thanks for your help. Regards,"  U, Kansas

"Dear Nicole,

We are SO glad to share with you that we received an admission offer from Kelley. Our application process to every school we applied to was a success and now we have the opportunity to make a choice; this wouldn't have been possible without your help. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" Best Regards,"  A and I, Colombia

"Hi Kent,

Good news again, I have been admitted to Duke as well. Now I understand why you kept telling me that I would be fine!! :) Thanks,"  P, Texas

"Hi Nicole,

I just got the news from UNC; I have been accepted to the MBA Class of 2008! I am ecstatic. I have spent my morning looking at the UNC new student website.

No word yet regarding a scholarship. They release that information on a rolling basis starting February 15/06. If UNC offers me a scholarship comparable to Georgetown's, I might accept without waiting to hear from CBS."  C, New York


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I've been through two very productive hours of review with Kent and Susan. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started, but the entire experience was very worthwhile. I hope to be able to get further input on my application as I move forward and have already recommended your service to a couple of people I know who are looking into their MBAs. Thanks!"  A, Virginia


As u already know I worked with Kent on my apps and Jeff took my mock interview for Wharton. I am excited to pass on the news that I have been admitted to Wharton's full-time program. I am extremely happy with the results and wanted to let u know that I couldn't have done it without the counsel of Kent and interview inputs from Jeff. I totally recommend them to any future candidate.

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year."  B, New Hampshire

"Kent -

Thanks so much for all your help and guidance. I am so excited that I got in to the Wharton School. I can't wait to attend! I really appreciate your patience with me through all the trying times. I definitely will be attending Wharton and be in Philadelphia for the August start."  D, Massachusetts

"Hey Drew,

Just wanted to let you know the good news...just found out today...I got in [to Wharton]!!!...thanks in no small part to you for your help with the interview.

Thanks so much for giving me great interview feedback. This really helped me prepare for the real thing.

Thanks again and happy holidays!"  A, Arizona

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