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The following testimonials represent some of the feedback – much of it unsolicited – we received over the last several years. We may correct typographical errors or misspellings, and will change or withhold details to protect client privacy, but otherwise do not edit these comments.

"Hi Bonnie,

I have some great news. I got accepted at Cornell University's Johnson School of Business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help." S, Texas

"Hi Matt: Great! This year's essays are a world of difference from last year's. Thank you for your tireless revision and insightful comments."  W, California

"Hi Kent,

I just received my admission to Kellogg, and really wanted to thank you for your specific actionable comments on my essays. The two hours of paid service to review my essays was really the best investment I made in my MBA application process. I am still waiting to hear from Columbia, but with Angie's help for the mock interview, I am feeling pretty confident too. Thanks for being so responsive over the New Year period with such a short notice from me!

Cheers," S, China

"Cristina has been a great help in drafting my strategy, especially with the essays and interview preparation."  D, Michigan

"Hi Todd. I just got accepted at INSEAD for January 2004. Thank you so much for your invaluable advice through the process. Your advice made all the difference."  P, France

"David, I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you are running at AdmissionsConsultants. I purchased the Platinum Package last fall and received fantastic advice from Mark Meyerrose throughout this year's admissions process. Obviously, part of my enthusiasm comes from the fact that the process went well for me and I will be enrolling at Stanford in the fall. On the other hand, regardless of the results, Mark's advice was that of a seasoned veteran and dealing with AdmissionsConsultants was a very easy, and even calming, experience. Please let me know if you need any testimonials/referrals/verifications in the future."  S, Texas


Angie's insight and guidance are a huge help in my business school application quest. It was well worth the price to have someone with her background discuss my situation and I will look to use your services if I continue with the process."  A, California

"Hello Matt. Just want to let you know that I appreciate your help, most notably during the last two days despite your tight schedule. When I submitted my Stanford Application, I was so proud of what I had accomplished and my application would not have been as strong without your priceless advice. Thank You. =)"  J, California

"It was a great service and I have a lot of faith in the knowledge of the consultant about the admissions process."  A, United Kingdom

"Misha, I heard some great news today. I got in to HBS. Thanks so much for your help!"  P, New York

"Hello Dave,

Hope you are well. I have been working with Kent Harrill on my b-school applications. Originally when I signed up with you in August 2003, I wasnít sure if I had a decent shot at top schools, particularly given my GMAT (610). However, despite my low GMAT, Kent was able to get me into Cornell and UCI (still waiting to hear from Duke). Kentís assistance was very instrumental in helping me get in; I would not have been able to accomplish this without his help. He is absolutely wonderful to work with and knows the application process inside and out. I found his thoroughness and attention to detail and feedback through each application phase invaluable! I was also impressed by his deep insight into what the admissions officers were looking for. He also always found time to guide me through any questions and issues I had."  S, California


I just wanted to pass along my good news. I got accepted to Kellogg. Thank you so much for all your help. I am confident that your guidance is what put me over the top at Kellogg. I truly appreciated your patience and persistence in helping me make my application the best."  D, Massachusetts

"Hi Bonnie

I have been admitted to the IESE program. I really cant thank you enuf coz I wouldnt have made it without your comprehensive mock interview.

You know the interview questions were identical to what we worked on during the mock. and obviously with the advice you gave me, I was able to nail the interview."  A, United Kingdom


Hi. Good news...I found out this morning that I was accepted into Wharton! Thanks for all of your hard work. Your knowledge, advice and (most importantly) patience were invaluable throughout the admissions process.

Warm Regards and Happy Holidays,"  D, California

"Big thumbs up to Gretchen! I got in to Columbia! Gretchen is very knowledgeable about the top schools. She has very strong connections and ties to each school and knows the admissions staffs all over. She is a good strategist on how to approach the process. She's very strong with content and direction in essays. Gretchen understands most of the top school atmospheres, in terms of strengths and weaknesses and where one might fit better than another. Best of all, she's very friendly and easy to open up to about your most sensitive & personal essay topics."  D, California

"Dear Cindy,

I want to thank you for all the help and advice you've provided! I would like to let you know that I GOT INTO HARVARD! :D I was certainly floating on air that day.

I certainly think that your advice was key in perfecting my application and I consider the money well spent."  W, Pennsylvania

"Hi Todd. Ann Richards, the Financial Aid Director at Johnson, left me a message at work to congratulate my admission. The official letter should be in my hands within the next few days. I would like to thank you for your help. My admission is impossible without you. If you need any reference in the future, just let me know."  G, Minnesota

"Matt, I was accepted to STERN!!!! I am really excited and ready for this next chapter. Thanks for all of your help, support, and guidance during this long process. Stern's program in Media Management was the reason I was interested in this path in the first place and I know that it will be a perfect place for me. I really can't thank you enough and if ever you need a recommendation from a client, please do not hesitate to have anyone contact me at anytime. Good luck to you and please keep in touch."  M, Washington, DC

"I'm embarrassed to say I was quite skeptical when I first heard about you guys. However, I feel very fortunate looking back that I did sign up for that first hour. Your company is a classy act and you definitely know your stuff. My essays and applications obviously gave me a big advantage over the other applicants and I already have acceptances from Chicago and Kellogg. My worst case scenario is not bad at all! I really wish I had known about you when I was applying to college too."  B, Germany

"Hi Mindy,

Hope you are doing fine! I am really very happy to tell you I have been admitted into both Oxford and Cambridge universities for an MBA starting in September 2005. I am excited!"  N, France


I'm just writing to let you know that I got in off the waitlist at Harvard. Thanks for all of your help!"  H, New Mexico


I know you haven't heard from me in a while but I have good news. I got the call from Michigan today, and I'm in!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. Admit weekend is in a few weeks, and I can't wait to see it all for myself. I'll miss out on Darden Days, but since I've already been down there, it only makes sense to go to Michigan for the weekend. Thanks again for all of your support!"  K, Massachusetts

"Hi David,

I highly appreciate Todd's efforts helping me complete my application on time. I like his persistence and his focus which makes me think a lot before I write my essays."  R, India

"David, good morning. I just wanted to write you to say what an outstanding job Matt Whitaker did working with me on the app process this year. This goes back several months but just never got around to writing this. Really a top notch guy with some good answers and awesome, straight, and very punctilious advice. Figured I would shoot you a quick e-mail, probably only reinforcing what you already know. But for what it's worth recommending your company, and specifically him to quite a few friends. Cheers"  C, New York

"Absolutely amazing! I used you guys for only my Harvard application and applied to Wharton, Darden, and Cornell on my own. The only one of those schools I was accepted to was Harvard. I'm dumbfounded but extremely grateful. I'm certain I would have been rejected at all the schools if I hadn't used your service!"  C, Pennsylvania

"Hi David,

I submitted my application to the GSB on Monday. Matt is just fantastic and he always goes above and beyond the call of duty. I'm so pleased.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving."  A, New Jersey

"I would like to thank you for your exceptional services. I have been admitted to both Babson and Boston University. Now I am in the process of deciding which school to join! It was a pleasure working with you."  R, Massachusetts

"Hi Todd. I will definitely spread the word about Admissions Consultants to my friends and coworkers. You have done such an excellent job on my applications, I simply can't thank you enough for your guidance through this experience. You are outstanding!" F, Connecticut

"Hi Bonnie,

You were on the money regarding Anderson! This morning, I attended an accounting class and then had an interview. The interview went very well especially the answer to my last question of when I could expect to hear back from the Admissions Office. Katherine's reply was "Right now, you are admitted." Wow! I was not expecting that at all and am very excited!

Thanks for all of the time you have spent guiding me through this process. I greatly appreciate your efforts and getting to know you.

Cheers,"  C, Oregon

"Matt helped me better define my school choices, guided me through the application process, and offered thoughtful advice on essay topics and my personal marketing plan. Thanks to his service, I was admitted into my top choice, Duke's Fuqua School of Business. Thank you for everything, and I'd be happy to recommend you to my friends and colleagues."  D, New Jersey

"Hi Jeff,

Many, many thanks to you for all the terrific assistance in salvaging my Columbia application. I have been selected by them, I'll keep you posted of my news from other schools."  D, California

"OH MY GOD! I received the call about an hour ago from Kristen - I'm in, I'm freakin in - I can't believe it. I was a totally spaz, I kept saying on the phone "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" and I think I also said "I love you". Yeah, attended a birthday lunch and snuck in a glass of merlot.

Figures. She said "We love you too".

Oh my God, I am so HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Matt. THANK YOU - you've changed my whole life. I LOVE YOU!

Regarding from a very happy client and friend,"  S, Georgia

"Kent, Got the good news from CBS this morning and put my deposit in this afternoon. Thanks so much for your invaluable assistance. Although our engagement was brief, you provided me with extremely valuable insights and, on several occasions, steered me away from ideas, concepts or thoughts that, although I thought made sense, would have hurt my candidacy. Again, I am truly grateful to you."  S, New York


I got accepted to Cornell! Thanks again for your help."  C, Oklahoma


Just wanted to let you know that I also got accepted into Duke.  So I have managed to go three for three in this process.  I found out earlier this week that I have a fellowship offer from UNC that pays a good chunk of my tuition.  I think that it is highly likely at this point that that is where I will end up.

I will keep you informed of my final decision.

Thanks."  F, Georgia

"Hi Jeff. Wharton accepted me!  Sorry it took a while to e-mail you, I had a couple of meetings this morning.  But I'm absolutely thrilled and would like to thank you again for all your help and advice on my applications, I believe they made my applications stand out and helped me understand the process.  I hope your other clients also heard good and that you are doing well!  I plan to do a lot of partying this weekend!"  N, New York

"Your service helped me to get into the two best schools for me. The initial assessment was upfront and honest, down-to-earth. My expectations were well managed. Todd is an outstanding consultant. He is very experienced and worked long hours around deadlines. He gave me very valuable feedback on my essay drafts."  F, Connecticut

"Dear Mindy and Ann,

I am just writing to thank you guys for all your help. I was admitted into Stanford and am thrilled!!!! I seriously couldn't of done it without your help! I would like to send you guys a little gift, but don't know your addresses. Could you send them to me?

Again, thank you guys for everything! I am so happy!"  F, New York

"Matt has been a great to work with. He has really polished my essays, given me insight into the applications and different schools, and been professional and prompt throughout the process."  M, Virginia

"The stuff you added to my applications was amazing. My essays were far better than what I could have done on my own with the help of a proofreading friend. Now I know why you guys are pros."  K, New Hampshire

"Hi David,

I have sent out my three applications (as per the silver package) and I have yet to get an answer from the schools. Whatever the outcome I have to say I really am grateful you assigned Bonnie to work with me. She has worked really really hard with me and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her efforts. This whole MBA admission process was tough and I just could not have done it without her. She is a wonderful, sensitive and caring individual and professional who goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are happy. I am really grateful and would like to thank you."  D, Florida


I will attend Johnson school in the fall. It was and remains my first choice.

Once again thanks for your help. I definitely appreciate the guidance you provided during my application process. I am particularly glad that you convinced me to address my lower than average GPA within the optional essay."  V, Alabama

"I purchased the Silver package and ended up applying to 3 schools. I was paired up with Matt Whitaker. I think the results speak for themselves - 3 out of 3 acceptances, including my top choice, Michigan. Having now been through the admissions cycle, I can see that there were numerous times Matt steered me away from potholes that might have cost me an acceptance letter. It's safe to say that I would not have been as successful applying without Matt's help, and his services would have been a value at 3 times the price. Moreover, he was easy to work with and made himself available anytime I needed feedback. Matt was always available, prompt, and professional, even at odd hours. I'm lucky to have been paired up with him. If you ever need a reference for a future client, feel free to give me a ring."  J, California

"The advice on what admissions committees are looking for was right on the mark and you provided excellent support in helping me become an attractive MBA applicant."  O, California

"I'm writing to you to say a big thanks to Kent and AdmissionsConsultants for the great service I got. Kent is so knowledgeable in every aspect and has kept my application process on good track. Initially I thought time would be really tight because of the deadlines. But with Kent's help, I have finished every application ahead of time. Great work and big thanks to Kent!"  V, Massachusetts

"Just found out I'm in at HBS!!!"  T, Michigan

"Mark, I just got an email. I have been accepted in DUKE also :-)... Wooooooooooooooooooow... Thank you very much."  A, North Carolina


I got accepted at Univ. of Chicago this morning. :)

Thanks to you! :) Without your pushing me when I was writing my essays, I would not have made it. I'm certain. I appreciate that very much.

With the Michigan admit, I met the bare minimum goal that I set when I started the process. With Chicago, that goal is exceeded now. :)"  R, Nevada

"Hi Gretchen, I heard from Wharton and I've been accepted. Thanks for your help and advice."  V, California


Just talked with admissions director @ MSU. I'm in, they are offering me in-state tuition and $6,000 in scholarship after that."  J, Delaware

"Thank you for all your help Mindy. You rock!

You know how much of an impact your help will have on my future career. [Attending Michigan this fall.] So you know how much I appreciate your help. You were always very encouraging and said all the right things to make me do yet another revision of my essays. All my applications were better than I could have imagined. I will have no regrets, EVER. And that's all that is very important to me.

Thank you again. Grazie mille. Kheili mamnoon. Merci beaucoup. Arigato Gozaimas."  D, Washington

"Hi Matt. I received an email today that I was admitted to the Kellogg EMBA program!!! I think your input with my application really helped -- I don't think I would have been on the right track otherwise. Thank you so much for all your excellent advise, and good luck with everything!!!"  B, Illinois

"Hello Misha,

Just wanted to let you know I received an early Christmas gift: I was just admitted to UCLA Anderson. I want to thank you for your priceless advice and coaching; without it, I am sure my interview would not have gone as well as it did.

I sincerely thank you for your help and wish you a happy holiday!"  J, South Carolina


I just received a call from Chicago GSB: I am in Chicagoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!

I dreamed about get the admission call from Chicago since I started to apply. Now, dream come true !!!!!!

I am so happyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!

I believe it is your brilliant ideas and those strong essays you edit for me make the determining factor.

Without your help, I don't think I am even close to get Chicago admits. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Kent !!!!!!!!!

Celebrations start now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  T, China

"Dear David,

Just thought I'd let you know...I got admitted at Darden earlier last month. Matt has helped me take my essays many notches higher. Glad to be working with Matt and with Admissions Consultants."  R, Connecticut

"Hi David, First of all, I'm writing to tell you that I am VERY HAPPY with Mark Meyerrose's service. Not only did he give me a vision of what to do going forward, he is also open to follow-up questions/clarifications about what we discussed on our 1 hour consultation. He is willing to guide me to make sure that I follow our plan religiously. For me, that gives a lot of value for my money. It is also one of the reasons why I plan to hire Mark and AdmissionsConsultants again when I apply to business school. Keep up the good work!"  J, Philippines

"Hi Bonnie, I have been offered a position at MBS, my first choice!!"  B, Taiwan

"Todd, I want to thank-you for all your help. You are a true professional. I remember in the beginning that you said that it may take you up to two days to respond to my emails. Well, on only one occasion that it took you two days. On every other occasion it took you one day or less - even when you were in China! You were honest and direct. Your services are worth every dollar."  M, Canada

"Matt was terrific!! His review of my essays made them so much stronger and I am convinced his help made the difference in my admission to 3 top ten programs. In addition to guiding the essay process, Matt served as a wonderful resource of information. He answered any/all questions and always responded in a timely manner. The process is hectic enough. Matt succeeded in making it more manageable. I truly appreciate his dedication to excellence and personal commitment to my success. I recommend him most highly!"  C, District of Columbia

"Just found out I'm in at Cornell, which I am extremely psyched about looks like its down to Cornell and Stern. Choices I wouldn't have imagined at the beginning of this process. The hard work was definitely worth it!"  M, New York

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