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Business School Rankings Weight Factor Poll

Thank you to the over 180 people who participated in this unscientific poll conducted in the spring of 2010. Here are the results.

Question:  How much weight do you give rankings in the school selection process?

business school selection and business school rankings

We will be the first ones to acknowledge that this poll is not scientific. For one thing, visitors to our site are more likely to be aware of our Top MBA Programs book, a business school guide that is decidedly anti rankings in its approach. Finally, the wording of the "None. It's 2010. Rankings are obsolete." choice, while intended to give the poll a bit of 'spice,' certainly could have conveyed some bias as well. (More on this in the reader comments below.)

As you can see below, we received a few emails on this poll. We love hearing feedback and sharing it here with others, so please keep them coming! If you give us a name (or at least initial) and location, we will likely publish your thoughts.

"How can rankings be obsolete when large magazines publish them and schools market them?" – N, Connecticut

"I feel bad for any lemmings who just automatically go with whatever rankings someone else decrees." – K, Georgia

"Like most things, the correct answer is somewhere in the middle of the choices. Rankings are certainly over the top but they are not obsolete either." – S, Canada

We update our poll periodically and we will continue to archive the results of the previous polls so you can see how other business school applicants voted on those topics as well.

Do you have an idea for a poll topic or any comments on our analysis? Please email us with your thoughts.

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