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01/18/2018 10:14:58 - (David)
Shadowing at Hamilton College
01/18/2018 10:16:52 - (David)

We found an article this morning highlighting the shadowing experiences of five premeds at Hamilton College. No doubt your shadowing experiences will all be unique, but a quick read can give you a sense of how it helped them. This short exercise may be particularly valuable if you haven't shadowed yet.

01/11/2018 09:12:13 - (David)
Mayo researching telestenting
01/11/2018 09:14:02 - (David)

The Mayo Clinic is looking to take its telemedicine capabilities and research the potential of robotic telestenting. The school cited the predicted cardiologist shortfall as a key driver behind this investment decision.

01/04/2018 09:09:32 - (David)
Top medical school profile updates completed
01/04/2018 09:11:42 - (David)

Our top medical schools section has been updated for 2017 NIH grants, updated MCATs and GPAs and other statistics we track. If you have any questions about this section (or anything else related to medical school), please call us at 1.800.809.0800 and we'll be happy to talk to you!

01/02/2018 21:30:55 - (David)
Medical school grad sues school because he didn't succeed
01/02/2018 21:32:33 - (David)

James Stuart is suing University of Western Ontario (Western University) because he alleges a five-year post-graduate residency program didn't give him the proper education to become licensed as a medical microbiologist. Among his claims are that several key faculty members departed as well as all the other students. Furthermore, he claims assurances were given that the situation would improve and finally, he claims the program was on probation and that this information was initially withheld from him.

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12/22/2017 23:11:33 - (David)
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12/22/2017 23:11:40 - (David)

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