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Medical School Program Articles

Not sure what avenue to take on the road to becoming a physician? Find out what all your options are.

The Value of an Education from a Top Medical School Admissions Video
     Some people may tell you it doesn't matter where you go to medical school. A medical degree is a medical degree, they'll say, and your patients won't care where you got it. That is one way to look at it, but certainly not the wisest or most advantageous for you.

Medical School Selection ConsiderationsAdmissions Video
     School selection is a difficult topic for many medical school students. It's easy enough to make preliminary choices based on factors like state residency, but it can be difficult to narrow your choices down from that point on. That's especially frustrating for applicants who hear that they will increase their admissions chances if they explain why they are applying to a particular school.

A Word about Medical School RankingsAdmissions Video
     Every spring, US News & World Report releases its annual medical school rankings. Their release is always timely for med school applicants who are hoping to submit primary applications by early summer. However, we caution you to look beyond the rankings as you develop your target-school list.

What is a D.O.?
     Are you seriously considering medical school? You may find that your qualifiers might be just under what the top medical schools in the country are seeking, yet you still have a burning desire to serve the public in the medical field. Are there other options to consider?

Allopathic or Osteopathic: Which Path is Better?
     Considering medical school but not completely sure which path between allopathic and osteopathic education to take? They may be more similar than you realize.

Caribbean Medical Schools and U.S. Residency Options
     Only about one-half of all applicants to U.S. medical schools eventually receive an admissions offer. Given this statistic, many American applicants consider applying to Caribbean medical schools in hopes of increasing their admissions chances. These applicants should understand, however, that any advantage they receive in admissions may be more than offset by the disadvantages they will later face in their careers.

Is a D.O. Program a Good Option For You?
     The difference between M.D. and D.O. schools confuses many applicants.

Size Can Matter When It Comes to Your Undergrad Institution
     Does the size or prestige of the school where you did your undergraduate studies influence your chances of being admitted to medical school?

Postbacc-Premed Programs Benefit Minority Applicants
     Colleges and universities have offered postbaccalaureate premedical programs for years – but only recently has a researcher undertaken a study of how effective they are in preparing students for medical school admissions.

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