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AdmissionsConsultants News Archive




Feb. 13:

AdmissionsConsultants Presented at Large Online College Fair

Jan. 12:

New Video: When It's Best to Say Nothing About a Poor Grade



Nov. 24:

New Video: Overcoming Writer's Block in Your College Admission Essays

Nov. 16:

AdmissionsConsultants Quoted in Yale Daily News

Oct. 3:

New Video: Writing Effective Personal Statements

Aug. 13:

New Video: How Many Law Schools Should I Apply To?

Jun. 12:

New MBA Video: Harvard Business School 2012 Admission Essays

May 21:

New Video: Top 10 Tips for Graduate School Admission

Mar. 22:

New Video: Graduate School Admission Transcript Mistakes

Feb. 29:

AdmissionsConsultants Quoted in New York Times

Feb. 24:

AdmissionsConsultants' President Quoted on Race in College Admissions

Feb. 18:

AdmissionsConsultants' President Quoted on Medical School Accreditation

Jan 30:

AdmissionsConsultants Quoted in Atlanta Constitution Journal



Dec. 26:

AdmissionsConsultants' President Quoted on College Application Volume Trends

Dec. 25:

AdmissionsConsultants Quoted in Article About Mistakes High School Seniors Must Avoid

Dec. 22:

New Law School Video: Finding the Best Law School for YouAdmissions Video

Nov. 24:

New Medical School Video: Taking the MCAT Multiple TimesAdmissions Video

Oct. 4:

Senior Law Consultant Heike Spahn Shares Thoughts on Letters of Reference for Podcast

Sep. 22:

AdmissionsConsultants Comment on the Role of Facebook in College Admissions

July 22:

New Graduate School Video: Non Academic Considerations When Planning Campus VisitsAdmissions Video

July 15:

White Paper: GMAT versus GRE Smackdown

July 8:

Exclusive! Admissions Interview Transcript with Cornell Johnson

June 18:

New Medical Video: Value of a Top Medical School EducationAdmissions Video

June 11:

New Law Video: Selecting a Law School that will Help You Attain Your Career GoalsAdmissions Video

May 19:

U.S. News Law School Guide Taps AdmissionsConsultants Adviser for Perspective

Apr. 21:

AdmissionsConsultants Quoted on US News & World Report Medical School Rankings

Feb. 9:

AdmissionsConsultants' President Quoted on 'Blemishes' in MBA Applications

Jan. 20:

AdmissionsConsultants Launches New GRE Test Prep Section

Jan. 7:

New MBA Video: Research Indicates Which MBA Programs Offer Greatest ROIAdmissions Video

Jan. 6:

Daily Northwestern Reports on Kellogg's Ranking in AdmissionsConsultants' Book on Top MBA Programs



Nov. 27:

The Career Mechanic Releases Podcast Highlighting Our New Book and ROI Research

Oct. 20:

Huffington Post Picks Up AdmissionsConsultants' ROI Research Report

Oct. 20:

The Star-Ledger Writes Feature Highlighting AdmissionsConsultants' ROI Research

Oct. 1:

Top MBA Programs: Finding the Best Business School for You released in stores today

Sep. 28:

New Research Indicates Which MBA Programs Offer Greatest ROI

Aug. 17:

Senior College Consultant Provides Back-to-School Tips for

Aug. 10:

Medical School Admissions Consultant Featured in MedicalMasterMind Interview

Aug. 5:

Law School Admissions Consultant Featured on Interview

July 31:

Senior Medical School Consultant Comments on Scholarship Program in CNN Article

June 17:

Senior College Consultant Quoted in amNewYork Regarding "NYC Prep"

June 9:

AdmissionsConsultants Adds Veterinary School Admissions Expert to Growing Pool of Consultants

May 4:

Senior Consultant Maria Fallon, Quoted in Utica Observer-Dispatch

Mar. 25:

Wake Forest University to Host College Admissions Workshop

Jan. 5:

Law School Admissions Consultant, Heike Spahn, Quoted in New York Times



Dec. 29:

Senior Consultant Nick Pantelides Quoted in Military Times Edge

Dec. 18: Asks AdmissionsConsultants President and Founder, David Petersam, About the Value of an MBA

Nov. 11:

Wharton, Others Anticipate Surge in MBA Applications

Nov. 5:

AdmissionsConsultants' Petersam Assists Los Angeles Times With Research for Article on MBA's

Oct. 8:

New Tool Unveiled for Inquisitive College Hopefuls

Oct. 6:

Is an Ivy League School the Right Choice for you?

Sep. 16:

Penn Undergrad Admissions Committee Gearing For Green

Sep. 15:

Petersam Keynote Speaker at Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Sep. 12:

Despite Recent Turnover, Penn's Undergrad Admissions Policies Remain Unfazed

Sep. 8:

preLaw Magazine Turns to AdmissionsConsultants President for Answers

Sep. 4:

Senior Consultant, Jim Fowler, Quoted in Daily Pennsylvanian

Aug. 27:

Former Naval Academy Director Joins AdmissionsConsultants

Aug. 19:

Derek Meeker Discusses Early Decisions for Law School Applicants

Aug. 1:

AdmissionsConsultants to Hold Last Summer Workshop in D.C. Area

May 16:

FAIRGRADE Turns to AdmissionsConsultants for Research Support

Apr. 24:

AdmissionsConsultants Part of Kelley School of Business Conference

Mar. 5:

Osteopathic Expert Joins AdmissionsConsultants

Feb. 21:

Petersam Addresses WISER Audience

Jan. 30:

Former MIT B-School Officer Joins Company


Dec. 11:

AdmissionsConsultants' Petersam Quoted on Squash in NY Times

Dec. 5:

Former Harvard Officer Joins AdmissionsConsultants

Nov. 30:

'Tis the Not Panic

Nov. 14:

David Petersam Comments on Cause of Yale's Surge in Early Admissions

Oct. 26:

Perspective: Measuring the Quality of Admissions Consulting

Oct. 4:

Departure of Penn's Admissions Dean May Spur Big Changes

Sep. 13:

UPenn's Student Paper Explores Value of U.S. News College Rankings

Aug. 30:

Former UChicago Law School Officer Joins AC Law Group

June 14:

Former Harvard Admissions Officer Joins AdmissionsConsultants

June 11:

Well-Rounded, Independent Thinkers Fare Better on Ivy League Admissions

Apr. 24:

Well-Rounded Applicants Sought by Competitive Colleges, Says AdmissionsConsultants President

Mar. 29:

Senior Consultant Nadine Warner Comments on Schools' High Rejection Rates

Mar. 27:

AdmissionsConsultants' Deb Schmidt Explains Legacy Decisions

Mar. 6:

AdmissionsConsultants' President on Legacy, Admission at UChicago

Feb. 6:

Role of Legacy in Admissions Discussed by AdmissionsConsultants' Nadine Warner

Jan. 8:

AdmissionsConsultants' Nadine Warner Comments on Early Admissions at Top-Tier Schools



Dec. 14:

AdmissionsConsultants Offers Last-Minute Tips to Keep College Applications On Track

Nov. 9:

Senior College Consultant Quoted in Harvard Crimson Regarding Admissions Consulting

Oct. 12:

AdmissionsConsultants Advisers Vote in BusinessWeek Poll

Oct. 9:

Daily Pennsylvanian Asks AdmissionsConsultants About Admissions Predictions Websites

Oct. 9:

Will Harvard's End of Early Admissions Affect U Penn, Daily Pennsylvanian Asks

Oct. 6:

Former U Chicago Asst. Dean of Admissions Joins AdmissionsConsultants

Sep. 13:

U Penn's Daily Pennsylvanian Quotes David Petersam on Harvard's Move to Drop Early Admissions

Aug. 28:

Chicago Tribune Columnist Quotes Doug Braithwaite on B-School Return on Investment

Aug. 13:

Philadelphia Inquirer Quotes AdmissionsConsultants on New College Guide

Jul. 17:

Penn Law Admissions Dean Joins AdmissionsConsultants


Jul. 13:

AdmissionsConsultants Comments on the Credibility of the SAT on New York's WKCR Radio

Jun. 5:

David Petersam Quoted on College Admissions in New York Times

Apr. 4:

In News Times AdmissionsConsultants' Deb Schmidt Tells High School Students How Many Colleges To Aim For

Feb. 10:

Our Views on the Recent Boston Globe Article on MBA Admissions



Dec. 12:

CNN Quotes AdmissionsConsultants on College Costs

Aug. 26:

AdmissionsConsultants quoted in The National Law Journal

Aug. 19:

Former Harvard Business School Admissions Director Hired

Jun. 5-7:

AdmissionsConsultants Part of Dartmouth Conference



Dec. 21:

Former Med School Admissions Dean Joins AdmissionsConsultants

Jun. 1:

US News Law School Ratings Book Features AdmissionsConsultants

Feb. 13:

MBA Admissions Consultant Publishes Book on Health Care Industry

Jan. 16:

Washington Business Journal Features AdmissionsConsultants Column on MBA Programs, Admissions



Dec. 18:

Insider Edge Newsletter Debuts

Sep. 26:

AdmissionsConsultants Cited in Wall Street Journal

Sep. 3:

New Website Debuts




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