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2022 US News college rankings

Princeton retained the top spot for the eleventh consecutive year.

US News & World Report released its 2022 college rankings today and Princeton University held the top spot for the eleventh consecutive year. There was a three-way tie for second place between Columbia, Harvard, and MIT. Yale rounded out the top five this year.

Williams, Amherst, and Swarthmore took the top three spots in the liberal arts rankings while UCLA, UC Berkeley, and University of Michigan were ranked as the top three public universities.

Only a few minor tweaks were made to the US News rankings methodology this year. For instance, the threshold for ACT and SAT scores was dropped to 50% of applicants in light of the decreasing emphasis on standardized testing. Additionally, a few factors such as class size and faculty salaries are now based on two-year averages.

As always, we want to politely remind everyone to take this and all rankings for that matter with a proverbial grain of salt. Make sure personal fit overrides the current rankings when making your selection decision. Besides, there is a chance the rankings could change a bit between your acceptance and your graduation.

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