One of the hardest parts of the college application is the essay portion. Do you know why it’s important?

A Two Step Process for Selecting Essay Topics
Great college admissions essays can’t be written in a day or even a week. They require a lot of planning and preparation. But the good news is that great college admission essays can be – and are – written each application season. The key is to remember your selected topics will define the foundation and structure of your essays, so you want to ensure you select the best topics.

Why the Essays are Important
Since the majority of college applicants are ‘self-selecting,’ meaning that they are applying to colleges for which they fit the basic academic requirements in terms of grades and test scores – or what we at AdmissionsConsultants refer to as the academic qualifications hurdle – your academic record will only get you so far at selective institutions.

Overcoming Writer’s Block
There are several certitudes about the fall. The days get shorter, the leaves fall off the trees and college applicants lose an abundance of precious time due to writer’s block.

Specifics Make a College Application Stronger
Students really need to take the time to do the research to find out what makes the school that they are applying to special – for them.

Use Caution in Reading Sample Admissions Essays
An admissions essay is your best chance to introduce yourself to the admissions committee as an individual, thereby making yourself stand out from the vast pool of other applicants.

10 Things That a Spellchecker Won’t Catch
In case you’re wondering why proofreading your application is essential, here are some examples of mistakes that most spell checkers will not catch.

Acing Your College Scholarship Essays
Every season, we see too many college applicants that become overwhelmed by the amount of writing necessitated by the college application process. For these very stressed and busy high school seniors, scholarship essays are often the last straw. It’s just not that it’s another essay, but rather that it is an essay that must meet a completely different set of criteria.

Case Study: Going from Good to Outstanding
“A lot of different factors feed into college admissions decisions. Sometimes the most surprising things can turn out to be a plus or a minus…”

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