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No Ivy League schools will require the ACT or SAT this fall.

Northwestern University was one of two top colleges that announced they will not require the SAT or ACT from the Class of 2021 today. The other top college was Princeton. Princeton was the eighth and final Ivy League college to become ACT and SAT optional for the Class of 2021. At this point, we feel it is all but a certainty that every other major college will drop the ACT and SAT test requirement for at least this next admission season. We have reached critical mass, if you will, and any holdouts risk alienating a significant portion of their prospective applicant pools.

Whether the ACT and SAT are able to reign this pandemic-inspired disruption back in and coax colleges and universities to once again require their tests remains to be seen. That will likely be the topic of a future blog or three, but for now at least, it’s clear the proverbial dominoes have fallen!

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