In Admissions Statistics

Boston College saw early action applications increase by over 53% from 10,350 last year to 15,862 for the Class of 2023. The average ACT score for admitted applicants increased from 33 last year to 34 this year and the average SAT score for admitted applicants increased from 1453 to 1477. The number of minority students increased from 31% of the total applicants to 35%.

The surge was largely due to a change in the early action admission policy that now allows applicants applying to another school with binding early decision to also be allowed to apply to BC. (Obviously, that applicant will have to attend the other school if admitted.)

Boston College is aiming for a total Fall 2019 freshman class size of 2,300 and intends to fill about 920 of those spots with early action applicants. With 4,488 offers, the school expects an early action yield of 20%. We expect the average test scores of the enrolled applicants to be slightly below that of the admitted applicants.

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