In College Admissions Scandal

The press is loving this. A seemingly endless cycle of college admissions scam news that currently captures the public’s attention. So, yesterday, federal prosecutors announced a former registrar at Delaware State University admitted to accepting $70,000 in bribes.

Crystal Barr, the former registrar, allowed out-of-state students to pay the in-state tuition rate. This cost the school an estimated $3 million. For reference, the current year out-of-state tuition at DSU is $16,904 versus $7,868 for Delaware residents. For those who are not familiar with DSU, it’s a top-ranked historically black university with a 45% acceptance rate.

Ms. Barr faces up to ten years in prison for her single felony count guilty plea. We don’t yet know if the prosecutors will be pursuing the parents who paid the bribes as well.

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