In Admissions Statistics

Earlier today, Brown University released its admissions decisions for its Class of 2023. The university admitted 6.6% of its applicants overall and 4.8% of its regular decision applicants. Both of these acceptance rates were record lows. These are also significant drops from the 7.2% overall acceptance rate and 5.5% regular decision acceptance rate from last year.

Brown received a record 38,674 applications, a 9% percent from the 35,438 applicants in last year’s Class of 2022. Admitted applicants who self identified as people of color remained constant at 49%. However, first-generation students grew slightly to 14% of the admitted class, up from 13% last year.

Interestingly, Brown intentionally admitted fewer students this year. The university firmly believes its yield will increase due to its Brown Promise, which replaces all loans with grants in financial aid packages. We agree this will have at least a small positive effect on Brown’s yield. We also believe the larger proportion of ED admits will have a greater impact.

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