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International Transfer Beats the Odds
“My favorite success story is that of a young woman I’ll call Ursula. An international student, she really wanted to transfer from her current college in her home country to one in the U.S. Especially Harvard…”

From Waitlist to Enrollment
“I cannot stress enough to my clients how important it is to disclose everything they can to an admissions committee. Why? Because sometimes, what you don’t say may actually be the difference between an acceptance letter and a rejection…”

Going from Good to Outstanding
“A lot of different factors feed into college admissions decisions. Sometimes the most surprising things can turn out to be a plus or a minus…”

Targeting the Best College
“It’s great that high school students have so many college options in this country. But it’s confusing, too, because there is so much information to consider, and because so much of that information gets distorted by perceptions of status and rankings…”

Overcoming a Past Mistake (Transfer Applicant)
“The client had come to me a year after being dinged, for help applying as a transfer student. I had doubts about her chances for a couple of reasons…”

Getting Off the Waitlist
I think waitlist decisions can be harder on applicants than outright rejections. Such decisions provide the disappointment of a rejection but not the closure. Applicants are left with some hope of eventually receiving an admissions offer, but it is usually a slim hope at best.

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