Check here for advice on the actual college applications. Click on the following link if you are seeking specific advice for the college admission essays.

College Letters of Recommendation
Most selective colleges require two letters of recommendation. You need to think strategically when choosing the people you ask to write those letters.

Is the Common Application Right for You?
The Common Application is a great convenience for college applicants. But should you use it?

College Transfer Admissions
If you are in a position where you started at a school and now it just doesn’t fit you, what do you do? You may want to consider transferring.

Last Minute Application Tips
Follow these last-minute tips to keep the application process on track and to maximize your admissions chances.

Scheduling Your College Application Tasks
Here’s a list of application tasks that college-bound high school students should pencil into their calendars.

Watch Your Language in Online Applications
The very convenience of online applications can lure students into making potentially deadly mistakes. Find out what precautions you can take.

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