If you are in a position where you started at a school and now it just doesn’t fit you, what do you do? You may want to consider transferring.

Before you sign up for any class, make sure it can be transferred to the four-year school of your choice. Keep a close relationship with your academic advisor and your target school to verify this.

Keep in mind though, that this is not always possible. If the college has an articulation agreement with the new school a student wants to transfer to, credits may transfer with ease. But with transferring from one four-year college to another four-year school, students typically will not learn if their credits will transfer until an acceptance has been made.

Most community colleges have articulation agreements with four-year universities for transfers. Find out which ones your credits will transfer into. Before you consider knocking out some of your credits at a community college while you are at home for the summer, keep in mind that rarely do courses from community college transfer to satisfy upper-level courses at a four-year university.

Most four-year universities have a minimum requirement of credits before an applicant can be considered, as they want to see a college academic track record before offering admission.

Know your deadlines. Transfer application deadlines are often different than freshman deadlines. Most fall enrollment transfer decisions are in the early spring, particularly in March. Deadlines are in the fall if a student wants to transfer into a spring semester of a college. Check with your school to find out when your application is due.

Even after you are admitted into a university, you need to maintain strong grades, as admission committees can rescind offers. Some applications specifically state something along the lines of, “I understand the offers of admission are conditional, pending successful completion and verification of current academic coursework at a level comparable to that upon which the offer was based.”

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