In Admissions Statistics

Cornell University extended admissions offers to 5,183 students a few hours ago. Cornell received 49,118 applications for its Class of 2023. This was a slight decline from last year’s 51,328 from prospective members of its Class of 2022. However, Cornell admitted 105 fewer applicants this year. Consequently, its acceptance rate only moved up slightly to 10.6% from last year’s 10.3%.

Unfortunately, the waitlist is large at 4,948 applicants. Clearly we do not expect all of these applicants to accept their offered places on the waitlist. In fact, only 68% accepted their spots last year. However, 68% of this year’s waitlisted applicants still exceeds the total size of the Class of 2022. For perspective, only 164, or 3.6%, were admitted off Cornell’s waitlist last year. Hence, we strongly encourage waitlisted applicants to explore their other options.

Fully 54.9% of admitted applicants identify as students of color. The same percentage identifies as women. Congratulations to all the admitted applicants to Cornell’s Class of 2023. This is a very accomplished and diverse group. Cornell’s notification deadline is May 1.

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