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Dartmouth College admitted a record-low 7.9% of its Class of 2023 applicants this year. Dartmouth received a record 23,650 applications this year. This year, 51% of domestic applicants self identified as people of color. Additionally, 16% of the admits are first-generation college students and 17% should qualify for Pell Grants.

Dean of Admissions, Lee Coffin, explained, “We were deliberately focusing this cycle on socioeconomic diversity as a way of syncing up with the capital campaign and its commitment to broader access.”

The admitted applicants represent all 50 U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, Washington D.C. and 69 foreign countries. International students comprise 12% of the admitted applicants and legacy applicants comprise 9% of that same pool. Finally, the admitted class had a mean SAT score of 1501. Not surprisingly, that represented yet another record for Dartmouth.

Congratulations to everyone admitted to Dartmouth this year!

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