In Admissions Statistics

A record 30,017 prospective Class of 2023 students applied to the Emory University College of Arts and Sciences. Consequently, the acceptance rate plummeted from 18.5% last year to 15% this year. As Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment and Dean of Admission John Latting explained, “That’s pretty big. It’s only a 3.5 percentage point difference but it actually is a 19 percent change in admit rate.”

Furthermore, Emory’s Class of 2023 is more competitive based on its numbers. Here are some admit to admit comparisons. (Since the final numbers for enrolled students could be a bit different.) The mean ACT score for a 2019 admit was 33.1 compared to 32.9 last year. Additionally, the average admit SAT score rose to 1490 from 1471 last year. Finally, the median admit GPA also rose. This year, it was 3.92 and last year it was 3.91.

Prospective applicants should note Emory admitted fewer Georgia residents this year. This was deliberate. The school is striving to become a “global university.” Let’s see if the school’s yield rises to its forecasted 30%. We see hope for Georgia applicants if it doesnt.

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