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The New York Times published an editorial that calls for ending the current system of legacy admissions. For the record, let us unequivocally state that we too are against legacy admissions. To the surprise of almost no one, most Americans are in favor or ending legacy admission. We mostly linked the editorial above because it’s a virtual treasure trove of statistics on the topic.

Furthermore, the editorial exposed holes in the main argument behind legacy admissions. Namely, that it helps bolster alumni contributions. Indeed, the editorial cited a study that concluded, “there is no statistically significant evidence of a causal relationship between legacy preference policies and total alumni giving among top universities.”

The other argument used to support legacy admission is that it helps the school’s yield and retention rate. Quite simply, alumni understand the school’s culture and demands and know if the applicants are truly cut out for the school. In our opinion, that does not offset the gross unfairness of the current legacy admission system.

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