The information and documents you’ll need to complete a FAFSA include:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your parent’s or parents’ Social Security Number/s
  • Your driver’s license number
  • If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you’ll need your Alien Registration Number (or other information pertaining to your immigration status)

Your tax return (and/or those for your parent/s and spouse) for the past year and/or the financial information you used or will use to complete it, including W2 forms, investment records, worksheets, etc.

NOTE: You don’t need to wait until your tax returns are complete to file a FAFSA. You can use estimated values for your deductions, adjusted income, etc. when you file your FAFSA and then update the form with the actual figures once they are available. Remember, it’s to your advantage to complete a FAFSA early in the year.

  • Records for non-taxed income from the past year, including Social Security and veteran’s benefits
  • Savings, investment, and other bank account information
  • If you’re filing a FAFSA as a dependent of one or both of your parents, you will need to know:
    • Your parent’s or parents’ date/s of birth.
    • Your mother or stepmother’s maiden name.
    • How long your parent has been a legal resident of the state they now claim residency in.
    • (If the figure is less than 5 years, you will be asked to give the month and year that residency began.)
      The date of your parents’ marriage, separation, or divorce.
    • If one of your parents is deceased, you will be asked for the date of their death.

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