A recent article came out stating that interviews are “no longer important” in the college admissions application process. So does this mean you should just blow it off?

Absolutely not! Even if the interview isn’t mandatory, it can still work to your advantage. It is an opportunity to provide additional information, much like a supplemental recommendation. If you can convey your genuine interest in a school, how your accomplishments match the admissions criteria, and your ‘wow’ factor, then the college admission interview will only help you during the admissions process.

Even if the school no longer conducts interviews, applicants should still look for ways to get in some ‘face time.’ Why? Opportunities such as a conversation with an admissions officer after an information session, coupled with a follow-up thank you note, or even making a point of talking to a school representative at a college fair or a high school visit can still work to your advantage. With applications up and competition more fierce, the key is trying to find those situations to stand out from the crowd. Just be sure that it’s the student asking the questions, and not the parents. After all, it’s the student who will be attending!

So even though colleges are placing less emphasis on the interviews – or not even offering them – it doesn’t mean you should. Never underestimate the power of conversation. It can mean the difference between ‘maybe’ and ‘yes.’

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