Did you get a college admission interview invitation? Don’t think you’re ready? Relax, check out these helpful suggestions and find out why this step is important.

9 Questions to Ask a College Ambassador
Campus ambassadors are an important source of information, but they’re not an entirely objective one. When you talk to a campus ambassador, be realistic about the kinds of questions they are in a position to answer.

Interviews Are an Easy Way to Stand Out
A college interview can work to a student’s advantage. It is an opportunity to provide additional information, much like a supplemental recommendation.

College Admissions Interviews Play an Important Role in Your Admission Decisions
College applicants need to view the admissions interview as a valuable opportunity to provide the college with more information about themselves.

Get the Most Out of Your Summer Campus Tours
During the summer, college campuses are not always the bustling places of activity that they are from September until May. While the summer is a wonderful time to take tours and complete college admission interviews – if only to have these college admission tasks out of the way before the start of your senior year – summer campus visits also merit asking yourself some precautionary questions.

Are Thank You Notes Important?
Is the use of a thank-you note – creative or not – going to give you an inside edge and land you an admissions offer from your target school? We asked a few of our consultants their opinions on the matter.

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