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The Notre Dame Class of 2024

The Notre Dame Class of 2024 is about 100 larger than expected.

The University of Notre Dame announced its incoming Class of 2024 remains larger than expected. The expected
incoming class of 2,150 to 2,180 will be roughly 100 more than last year — the number Notre Dame was hoping to maintain this year. Cancellations only doubled to 60 this summer compared to 30 in recent, pre-COVID summers.

For Notre Dame admits, this means there may be a bit more crowding in the on-campus freshmen housing. For prospective transfer applicants, Notre Dame usually admits just over 200 applicants. We expect that number to halve this year.

This is very significant as it’s the first official sign from any of the top colleges about how their yields may be affected by the current pandemic. It could also explain Dartmouth’s recent deferment decision. If other selective schools are indeed seeing similar statistics, expect a lot less waitlist movement over the second half of the summer.

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