The schools responded to your application – so what’s a waitlist? Can they deny me acceptance after it’s been offered? Find out more here.

Handling the Waitlist
One of the most difficult situations you might face as a college applicant is how to handle a waitlist decision from a school you really want to attend. Should you bombard the school with additional material, hoping that something you send will convince the school to admit you? Or should you just sit tight, fearing that submitting additional, unsolicited material will annoy the admissions committee?

Deferral Decisions Require Pragmatic, Optimistic Approach
Accept, reject, and waitlist are scenarios that run through the minds of college applicants until spring, when colleges send out their decision letters. Yet, this time of year, some early admission applicants are getting familiar with another application outcome: deferral.

Dealing With an EA or ED Deferral
Everyone knows it’s good to be accepted and disappointing to be denied. But what does a deferral mean? And how should you handle it?

3 Questions To Ask If You’re Waitlisted
If you receive a waitlist decision from one of your target schools, give yourself the time you need to get over your disappointment and then decide what you’re going to do next.

Yes, Colleges Can – and Do – Rescind Admissions Offers
It sounds like a college admissions version of a bogeyman story, cooked up to keep high school seniors glued to their books and computer screens throughout their final semester. But it’s true.

Early Admissions Give High School Students the Benefit of Early Decisions
Colleges with non-binding EA programs benefit high school students with a strong interest in attending that particular school.

Plan B: What to Do If You’re Denied
For someone who has been waitlisted or denied at their top-choice schools, it may be time to make some difficult decisions.

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