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The College Board canceled the SAT test for hundreds of Chicago-area students on short notice. The students were scheduled to take the test on Saturday at the Chicago International Charter School just north of the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The College Board offered only refunds but no alternative testing site options. It appears there was an issue with the testing site, though, to be very clear, this is purely speculation at this point.

This is very unfortunate for these test takers. Many of them spent a good portion of their summers to prep for the SAT and planned to be able to turn their focus to the start of the school year. They also hoped to have a clearer picture of their college candidacy’s competitiveness and still have time to retake the SAT (or possibly consider the ACT) before the pending application deadlines should their scores have been less than anticipated.

Fortunately, this is a fairly rare occurrence, and the vast majority of SAT test takers were able to sit for the exam with no issues. However, we believe this is a good opportunity to warn applicants and particularly future applicants to plan ahead as much as possible and try not to wait until the last minute to take any standardized test.

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