Every season, we see too many college applicants that become overwhelmed by the amount of writing necessitated by the college application process. For these very stressed and busy high school seniors, scholarship essays are often the last straw. It’s just not that it’s another essay, but rather that it is an essay that must meet a completely different set of criteria.

Be sure to remember that many applicants decline to complete scholarship applications simply because of their perceived difficulty. The good news for you is that you will face less competition for these valuable funds and you will further maximize your chances for winning that award. If you are feeling doubtful about this, bear in mind that just as you were able to write winning admission essays, so too can you write winning scholarship essays.

The process is really no different than the admission essays. You need to allow yourself plenty of time to work on your scholarship essays. So, as essay topic ideas come to you, write them down. Who cares if your ideas don’t seem brilliant at first glance? Write them down anyway. It’s part of the brainstorming process.

To be successful, you absolutely must customize each essay you submit. Scholarships are at least as competitive as college admissions, so don’t try to “cut corners” by submitting the same essay for multiple scholarship awards. Be assured, the effort is often rewarded when the process is finished and, considering the large tuition payments so common these days, the time invested in the scholarship essays will likely pay off!

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