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Siena College and Albany Law School have signed an agreement creating a five-year program that awards an undergraduate degree as well as a J.D. degree. To shave two years off completion time, admitted students will study year round. Additionally, they will also complete some 15+ hour semesters.

Successful applications to this new program will have to impress both Siena and Albany Law. Admittees will gain conditional acceptance to Albany Law. Consequently, upon completion of the undergraduate degree requirements, they will enroll at Albany Law.

Albany Law President and Dean Alicia Ouellette stated, “Albany Law and Siena already have several successful partnerships in place, so it made sense to develop this accelerated program. It will welcome the type of disciplined student who can succeed with a heavier course load and intensive academic focus.

According to Leonard Cutler, Siena’s director of pre-law advising, students will attend classes year round for “at least two years.” We hope law school students have their summers free to gain valuable internship experience. Furthermore, we believe this experience is even more important for younger grads. Therefore, please make sure your employment goals are attainable given your projected summer course work. We discussed accelerated graduate programs in further detail in late March.

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