Our consultants’ specialties include working with admissions for:

  • Ivy League Colleges
  • Military Service Academies
  • University of California System
  • Mid-Tier Colleges
  • State Flagship Universities
  • Athletic Liaison
  • Combined Bachelor’s/MD Programs
  • Science
  • Geographic Regions
  • Non-Traditional Applicants
  • First-Generation Applicants
  • Scholarships
  • Music Liaison
  • Theatre Liaison
  • International Applicants
  • Transfer Applicants

We have consultants with admissions committee experience from Ivy League colleges, as well as from military service academies, mid-tier colleges and state flagship universities. We even have consultants who spent several years each making accept/reject/waitlist decisions for highly selective combined bachelor’s/M.D. programs. Additionally, we have consultants who held primary admissions responsibilities for the various geographic regions of the U.S., as well as primary responsibility for international applicants.

AdmissionsConsultants employs many college admissions consultants. They speak regularly with each other about their cases and clients, and share knowledge about admissions news and trends. This gives all of our consultants more insight to the admissions process, and is an additional reason why we are able to truly maximize our clients’ admission chances.

Each of our college admissions consultants has undergraduate admissions committee experience and is extremely talented. We are happy to talk with prospective clients about consultants with current availability, in order to help them select the consultant with the best background for their particular needs. We do not charge any premium for this matching service. We only request that prospective clients understand that our consultants can only work with a relatively small number of active applicants at one time, and that not all consultants will be able to accept new clients at any given time. (We do have a maximum 72 hour turnaround time – including weekends and holidays – to maintain!)

Of course, please call us at 1.800.809.0800 (or +1 703.242.5885 outside the US and Canada) if you have a specific consultant in mind.

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